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FXSOL execution and slippage

1.36 pips


Slippage is the difference between the price at which the order has been placed and the price at which it has been executed by the broker. The less slippage you get, the better your trading results will be.


Our slippage data about Fx Solutions is sampled by 10 of the most popular forex trading strategies in Zulutrade.com

0.57 pips

FXSOL slippage with Kama-spot trading strategy

Kama-spot is a forex trading strategy, based on technical analysis. It trades mainly EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF

Average profit:                14.0 pips
Average trade lifespan:  19 hours
Most traded pairs:               EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF


0.85 pips

FXSOL slippage with Saved FX trading strategy

Average profit:                  16.0 pips

Average trade lifespan:    1 day

Most traded pairs:                 EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF
1.16 pips

FXSOL slippage with Qurenix trading strategy

Average profit:                  9.0 pips

Average trade lifespan:  5 hours

Most traded pairs:             EUR/USD
0.80 pips

FXSOL slippage with Forex Cruise Control trading strategy

Average pips/trade:           5.0

Average trade lifespan:   18 hours

Most traded pairs:              GBP/USD
0.68 pips

FXSOL slippage with For333 trading strategy

Average pips/trade:           12.0

Average trade lifespan:   15 hours

Most traded pairs:              GBP/USD, EUR/USD, AUD/USD
2.62 pips

FXSOL slippage with Azar Consulting trading strategy

Average profit:                   28.0 pips

Average trade lifespan:   3 days

Most traded pairs:               EUR/USD
0.52 pips

FXSOL slippage with The Best Player trading strategy

Average profit:                  22.0 pips

Average trade lifespan:   13 hours

Most traded pairs:               EUR/USD
0.46 pips

FXSOL slippage with Xiaolidao trading strategy

Average pips/trade:           9.0 pips

Average trade lifespan:   1 day

Most traded pairs:               EUR/USD
1.82 pips

FXSOL slippage with Youron trading strategy

Average profit:                  9.0 pips

Average trade lifespan:   11 hours

Most traded pairs:               EUR/USD, GBP/USD
4.13 pips

FXSOL slippage with Duanxian(GBP\USD) trading strategy

Average profit:                      10.0 pips

Average trade lifespan:      1 days
Most traded pairs:                   EUR/USD, NZD/USD, GBP/USD

Headquarters:  Park House, 16 Finsbury Circus, London, EC2M 7EB

Country: United Kingdom

Regulated by: FSA UK, Register number 113942


FxSol Account Info:

minimum deposit: $250

minimum lot size: 1k (micro lot)

max leverage: 1:400



Fixed, 3 pips



Market Maker



Bank Wire, Credit/debit card


Trading Platform:

Custom (GTS Pro), Web plaform, Metatrader 


Extra Software and Websites

Forex AutoConnect - choose  3rd party auto trading system

What we think about FXSOL

FX Solutions, or FXSol, is a forex and CFD broker operating out of the United Kingdom, after recently shutting down its U.S. operations. 

Part of the City Index Group, FXSol has behind it the years of expertise and track record of success of the global financial services provider. It is well-regulated and safe to trade it – FXSol's operations are overseen by the FSA UK, the broker is a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, and – being a EU company – is MiFID compliant for additional investor protection.  
FXSol's customer support team seems to be based in the UK as well – and we must say it is quite refreshing to be assisted by native speakers who understand your questions, answer promptly and treat you with the respected every customer deserves. 
The combo 1:400 maximum leverage + $250 initial investment + minimum contract size of 1,000 currency units (micro lot) makes FXSol a good broker for beginners to start their forex careers. On top of that, there is an extensive educational resources section that features webinars, tutorials and video lessons. 
The choice of trading platforms is decent: it features MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and the proprietary GTS platform available in a few different variations (GTS Pro, GTS Web, GTS Mobile and FX AccuCharts). Some of the GTS benefits include automatic execution, fixed spreads (a tad high for our taste, 3 pips on EUR/USD), multiple order types, and a built-in risk management module. 
We already mentioned the spreads on the GTS platform, so let's take a look at the ones on MT4: these are variable and way lower than the GTS ones. A typical spread on EUR/USD there is 1.4 pips. 
The one thing we would like to see at FXSol is the possibility of social trading. 
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 Fixed spreads: EUR/USD -3 | GBP/USD - 5 | USD/CHF - 4 | USD/JPY – 3




Fixed Spreads during all market conditions, even durign news releases 

Wide spreads 









Slippage during news releases

Slippage during normal market conditions. Customer service reps explain it with FXSOL Fast market policy 






No requotes during calm market



Requotes during volatile market

Slow execution of market orders

"Rate has expired" message 


Price feed






Some Spikes







Reverse Button

Trailing Stop



Detached charting package FX AccuCharts

No Autotrading








Deposit    Withdraw

Bank Wire

Online Check

Paper Check

Credit card


Bank Wire







Customer service





Live Chat


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Fixed spreads
User friendly platform


Wide spreads
No integrated charts
Slippage during normal market conditions
Slow execution
Some spikes 


Traders` reviews for FXSOL Add review

I tried to withdraw my money

There is something fishy when a demo offers something that they dont actually offer. Also, when I tried to withdraw my money, they told me I need to send them my drivers license, bill statement, and a photocopy of my credit card before I could withdraw my money. They seemed happy to take my money without those things!

LIMAFX 01/18/2015

FX Sol has the best charting I have seen

In my opinion, FX Sol’s execution is perfect and their charting is fantastic – it is well worthy to sign up with them even only for the charts. The other brokers I have used before all had limited charting options, so I highly recommend FX Sol to any beginner or day trader.

Martha Williams 06/25/2012

FXSOL EA trading review

I started using FXSOL 3 years ago as a newbie. Now I used EA’s for scalping and they don’t seem to mind, so that’s cool. I admit that from time to time they would hunt SL’s but I believe all brokers do that. The FXSOL services have always been good – I’ve never had multiple requotes or anything like that.

tim 05/14/2012

FXSol Australia (MT4 Platform) is real robber

FXSol/Australia (MT4 Platform) is real robber! Last week they open trade for me with $790 loss. This morning (12/4/2009 Canadian Employment Change, 7AM), trading on news, I closed a position with about $2400 profit, to realize that they closed at same price at which was open ($0 profit). Responce: It was gapped and should not open! Graph shows that price did not gap. During NFP (8:30 AM, 12/3/09) I had a profit of $4345.05 just to realised an hour later that they took my profit - rationale: improper trading profit. When I complained about that, they deactivatedmy account. They also deactivated another account which I did not use for a months!

Leotar 12/05/2009

I love FX solutions trading platform

I love FX solutions platform. I highly reccomend it. what i dont reccomend is there customer support unless you are dealing with Joseph Oropeza. If it wasnt because of Joseph i would have never known the benefits of dealing with the GTS Pro. If you do decide to go with FX solutions i suggest you contact joseph at joropeza@forexsystems.com .

Carlston, forexf1.com 08/28/2009

FX Solutions Scam

Total Scam:
1- High level of slippage.
2- Big rollover or overnight fees.
3- Poor execution if the customer order is not favorable to the company interest. Some times fill out is more than 2 minutes or till you're losing money (even in low demand times).
4- Bad customer service including no product knowledge.

Forexrater, Goforex.net 08/28/2009

I don't like FxSol forex trading platform

Poor explanations regarding swap. Not the best design for the interface, difficult to use. Unpleasant people to deal with.

ForexPP, Goforex.net 08/28/2009

Fx Solutions is a real deal

From my experience, Fxsolution is the real deal. I opened an account easily, made 25000 dollars with 1500 $, withdrew it all and received my money in 2 days ! Spreads stayed fixed, stops were not hunted ( then again I dont use them a lot ) And if they trade against us like many say, who cares? If you have a good strategy, there is no problem. I will not give more than7 since I dont have more than 2 months experience with them.

Leo, Goforex.net 08/28/2009

FxSolutions: Slippage and off market prices

My findings show that they've ripped me off via the following unscrupulous methods:

1. Repeated and frequent slippages that can add up my trading costs by as high as an additional 100 pips more per lot per trade!
2. Even when no slippages occurred, the actual price captured in my statement is often a few pips more than what appeared on the screen when a trade is executed.
3. Their dealers entered my open positions and exited them without my instructions. Initially they denied doing so, but eventually offered to compensate me with a few thousand dollars as settlement, but I didn't accept because they cheated me many folds more.
4. They have dealers to trade against me.
5. They fixed off-market prices by as high 152 pips via Gapping, when at that identical time a check with two other brokers' platforms showed no price gaps at all.
6. They manipulated prices to STOP out trades that have STOP LOSS level set, even as far away as over 100 pips!
7. They manipulated the MACD indicator that traders usually relied upon, to trick them into entering trades in the wrong direction.

Cirippedoff, Goforex.net 08/28/2009