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Forex VPS


VPS stands for virtual private server – a virtual computer that you can use for hosting your MT4 expert advisors (EAs), thus granting yourself extra protection when trading forex. What's important to know is that if you are a manual trader, or don't trade too big volumes, you can easily go withtout forex VPS. 


If you have automated your strategy and need your trading platform running 24/7, however, investing in a reliable VPS service is highly recommended – just think about the losses you could potentially suffer if there's power outage, you internet connection is interrupted or your girlfriend simply decides to shut down your computer.


Some of the benefits of forex VPS is that it doesn't require additional PC power, and is by itself a powerful, self-standing machine that is always online; it doesn't depend on internet connectivity; VPS can be rebooted independently at any time; and most importantly, let's you access your servers anywhere. 


Standard forex VPS services usually cost no more than $50 a month, and many brokers offer them for free or at a special discount. 


Below is a list of all brokers who offer forex VPS. 




Forex VPS

Broker Regulated Min.deposit Leverage Spread Promotion Review
$10 1:1000 0.4 Review Website
$100 1:500 1.1 Review Website
$100 1:500 1.0 Review Website
$5 1:500 1.1 100% Bonus Review Website
$50 1:400 0.4 Review Website
$100 1:500 0.8 Review Website
$1 1:3000 1 $5 bonus Review Website
$100 1:200 1.2 Free VPS Review Website
$5 1:1000 0.9 Review Website
$1 1:30 1 Review Website
$100 500:1 Review Website
$5 Review Website

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