MT5 Brokers

Metatrader 5 (MT5) is an upgraded version of the forex industry's most popular kid – Metatrader 4, however this platform has a slightly different target in mind: it is designed for trading commodities and stocks, rather than forex. Which is not to say it's no good for trading currencies – on the contrary. 
MT5 features most of the goodness of its predecessor, and more – it comes with 79 technical analysis tools, 21 chart time frames, and the possibility to open up to 100 charts simultaneously. 
A MQL5 programming environment is built in straight into the platform to facilitate creating custom technical indicators and trading robots (Expert Advisors, or EAs). 
Strategy-wise, MT5 is similar to MT4 as it supports all types of orders – market, pending and stop. There are two major differences from MT4, though: first off, hedging is not allowed. This means that if you open a long and a short position of the same contract size for the same currency pair, this will result in a zero position. Secondly, MT5 complies with the CFTC's FIFO (First-In-First-Out) rule. For instance, if you hold 1 lot long EUR/USD @ 1.3000 and then buy another lot EUR/USD @ 1.3200, you will see just one open position in your MT5 account: 2 lots long EUR/USD @ 1.3100. In case of closing just one lot, the first open lot is considered closed.
Below is a list of MT5 forex brokers. Many brokers still only offer demo MT5 accounts, but plenty also support live accounts on the platform. 
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MT5 Brokers

Broker Country Regulation Leverage Min.deposit Review
Cyprus CySec 1:1000 $5 Review Website
UK, Cyprus FCA, CySEC 1:500 $100 Review Website
UK, Cyprus FCA, CySec 1:888 $5 Review Website
Belize IFSC 1:200 $100 Review Website
Cyprus CySEC 1:400 $300 Review Website
Belize IFSC 1:3000 $1 Review Website
Australia ASIC 1:500 $200 Review
Cyprus, Belize CySec 1:1000 $1 Review
Malta MFSA 1:50 $250 Review
Bulgaria FSC, FCA, CNMV, BaFIN 1:200 N/A Review
FCA 1:400 $100 Review
Montenegro No 1:100 $1 Review
Switzerland FINMA 1:500 $2000 Review
Belize IFSC 1:500 $200 Review
1:500 $1 Review
1:50 $500 Review
1:500 $1 Review
UK, Cyprus, Australia, Estonia FCA, CySEC, ASIC, EFSA 1:500 $200 Review
Australia, UK ASIC 1:200 $200 Review
Cyprus CySec 1:500 $50 Review
Mauritius, Cyprus FSC, CySEC 1:500 $5 Review
BVI FSC 1:400 $300 Review
Czech Republic CNB Review
Cyprus CySEC 1:500 $200 Review
Belize, SVG IFSC 1:1000 $1 Review
Cyprus CySEC 1:400 $100 Review
Cyprus CySEC 1:100 $2000 Review
Russia Bank of Russia 1:50 $2000 Review
Cyprus CySEC 1:200 None Review
Bulgaria FSC 1:200 $100 Review
Indonesia BAPPEBTI 1:400 $500 Review
Cyprus CySec 1:2000 $1 Review
US CFTC/NFA 1:50 $1 Review
USA. New Zealand FMA 1:500 $200 Review
St. Vincent N/A 1:500 $100 Review
Russia Central Bank of Russia 1:1000 $1 Review
1:300 $100 Review
SVG N/A 1:100 $1 Review
Philippines N/A 1:300 $250 Review
Belize None 1:1000 $5 Review
Vanuatu None 1:300 $200 Review
SVG None 1:200 $1 Review
SVG N/A 1:500 $1 Review
Vanuatu VFSC 1:1000 VFSC Review
UK N/A 1:100 $200 Review
Vanuatu VFSC 1:1000 None Review
Cyprus VFSC 1:400 N/A Review

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