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Dash brokers

A lot of different digital assets have been developed in recent times. Dash is one of the rather newer cryptocurrencies, which focuses on privacy and speed of transfers. Its supporters often refer to it as “what Bitcoin was supposed to be”, while critics dislike the decision making model.


No matter which side you are on, you must be familiar with the ways to trade Dash. You can go through crpyto-exchanges in order to buy the coin, or you can trade Dash CFDs with a forex broker.


For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, CFD stands for “Contract for difference”. This is a synthetically created financial instrument which replicates the price movement of another asset. A Dash CFD will change in value as much as the coin itself and you can, but owning one will not allow you to make payments in the places where it is accepted. 


The benefits of trading CFDs with forex brokers, compared to going to a crypto-exchange are several, but by far the most important one is the security of your funds. A well-regulated broker doesn’t carry any counterparty risk, unlike some of the entities in the crypto-space. 


On top of that most forex brokers nowadays accept payment methods, you may be familiar with, like credit cards, wire transfers or e-wallets, such as Paypal, Neteller and Skrill. While some exchanges do the same, this is not the case with all and you may have to go through several of them.


The leverage availability at forex brokers and crypto-exchanges is also very different. Forex brokers are capable of providing higher leverage on CFDs for free, where as the cryptocurrency players offer lower leverage and often charge a lending fee. By the way the trading costs at both places are also specific – brokers include everything in the product’s spread, while exchanges apply a volume-based fee of about 0.2%. 


Here are some of the forex brokers, which allow trading in Dash. We have made similar lists for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum brokers.



Dash brokers

Broker Country Regulation Platforms Min.deposit Review
UK, Cyprus FCA, CySec MT4, MT5 $5 Review Website
Seychelles FinaCom MT4, Web $10 Review Website
Australia ASIC MT4, MT5,
$200 Review
Georgia NBG MT4, Web $250 Review
UK, Bulgaria N/A $250 Review
Vietnam N/A Web $100 Review

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