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US bitcoin exchanges

Cryptocurrencies are popular in the US and the relatively large number of exchanges is not surprising. In order to acquire Bitcoin of any other digital asset, one must go through a trading venue of one form or another.


When it comes to the regulatory side of things, the US government, as a whole, has never considered banning exchanges. That being said there are some state by state specifics, with the most noteworthy measures being applied in New York. 
In 2015 the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) created a framework, by which companies operating in the crypto-space should register. The entire bill is viewed as controversial, with a lot of the exchanges baking-out of it and simply refusing to operate in the state. 
Critics of the project say it is contradictory to the core philosophy of cryptocurrencies and attempts to transform the innovative companies into old-fashioned ones. As of the summer of 2017 only three companies have received the license – Circle (which later moved away from the cryptocurrency space), Ripple and Coinbase (which also owns GDAX).
Do keep in mind, a certain level of counterparty risk is always present when dealing with crypto-exchanges. In case you are only looking to speculate on the price of Bitcoin, you may be better off with a regulated forex broker, which supports trading in the most popular cryptocurrency and provides a higher degree of protection of client funds, like easyMarketsIG and XM.
Here is a list of the top cryptocurrency exchanges operating in the United States:

US bitcoin exchanges

Broker Country Regulation Leverage Deposit Fees Review
USA NY BitLicense 1:1 CC: 4% SEPA: Free Review Website
Japan JFSA, NY BitLicense 1:15 Wire: ¥324 CC: No info Review
USA N/A 1:5 SEPA: free SWIFT: $10 Review
USA NY BitLicense 1:3 SEPA: free SWIFT: $10 Review
USA NYDFS 1:1 SEPA: €3.70 SWIFT: $40 Review
USA US Trust regulation 1:1 Wire: Free Crypto: Free Review
USA N/A 1:1 Approx. 1.8% Review
USA N/A 1:1 Varies (5-10%) Review
USA N/A 1:1 ACH Direct:1.99% CC:5.99% Review
USA N/A 1:1 Crypto only, free Review
US N/A 1:1 Crypto only, free Review
USA None 1:1 N/A Review
USA None 1:1 No info Review
Cayman Islands, US N/A Crypto only, free Review
USA N/A 1:2.5 Crypto only, free Review
USA None 1:1 N/A Review
US N/A 1:1 No Review
USA N/A 1:1 Varies Review

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