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TradoLogic Receives Patents for Binary Options Tools and Features

Mar 14 2013

Many people believe the invention of private property to have been the catalyst that set off the entire evolution of human civilization (or so I was told back in elementary school). Which kind of makes sense – just look at how far people are willing to go to protect what is rightfully theirs. 


It looks like binary options trading platform provider TradoLogic also has that proprietary attitude toward its software creations. As of January this year, the company's products are patented in the US. Now, it has received approval for patents on its trading tools and features in Japan and Europe as well, according to ForexMagnates.


The reasoning behind this move is quite clear: TradoLogic, being the inventor of this particular set of platform perks, doesn't want them copied by rival companies. Plain and simple. From now on, any binary options software developer who feels the desire to be “inspired” by TradoLogic products runs the risk of finding itself neck-deep in trouble (though it is still unclear what kind of action the company is planning to take if its patent rights are violated). 


The patents will cover four trading tools and three trading features. The tools in question are used particularly to make changes to a trading position or strategy mid-trade:


- Extend (Roll Over) – this tool allows the trader to extend the expiration time of the option

- Close (Take Profit or Stop Loss) – this tool allows the trader to lessen their losses by stopping an option when their funds are insufficient

- Double – this tool gives the trader the option to add to the investment in an open option and make double profit (if, of course, their prediction is right)

- Insurance – this tool allows the trader to buy an “insurance policy” that guarantees a refund of their original investment if a contract expires “out of the money”


The three freshly patented trading features, on the other hand, can be used to make a strategy before taking a position:


- Auto-Trade – this feature allows the trader to specify a desired profit amount and the system will perform the same trade over and over again, until the profit is reached (or the trader's capital is exhausted, of course)

- Parlay trade (Triple) – this feature allows the trader to execute three or more deals at the same time, effectively taking advantage of triangulated asset correlation (and increasing profits, of course)

- Pending Order (Knock In) – this feature allows the trader to set a desired price condition for an order be executed


I for one find TradoLogic's actions very... well, logical. It sounds like the company has created a nice, useful set of tools and features, and is perfectly right to want to protect them. Also, having proper regulation tends to make clients more trusting with their money. Especially when it comes to binary options, where the rules are still unclear, every little bit counts. Hopefully, now that they are slowly coming to be accepted as a financial instrument (in Malta, for example), we'll see more companies follow in the footsteps of brokers like Banc de Binary and SpotOption, which both recently got their licenses from CySEC.



About TradoLogic


TradoLogic is the world’s leading binary options trading platform provider, who offers innovative solutions to the financial trading industry. TradoLogic’s success is based on our commitment to excellence through full collaboration and goal-oriented interaction with our clients.


We are constantly looking to design and offer creative products and services that maximize our client’s profit potential. We do this by providing the appropriate tools required to strengthen the operator’s brand in the global market, expanding both their customer base and wallet share. TradoLogic’s turnkey solution provides premium features and support tailored to meet the ever-changing demands of the dynamic financial trading market.


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