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Trade99 Review - is it scam or safe?

Trade99 Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 4 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Trade99
Trade99 is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


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Trade99 is an offshore broker offering several account types on a web based platform. When we opened their website, however, we came across a lot of discrepancies, as for example the missing link to the MetaTrader5 platform – as it turned out the only available platform was a web based one. 


That, however is a minor issue compared to the fact that the broker is not regulated. And on top of that there are some rather disturbing clauses in their Terms and Conditions, designed to hinder the withdraw of funds.


Trading account  Min. deposit Max. leverage Spread
Standard Account $250 n/a 2,1 pips

Silver Account

$2500 n/a n/a
Gold Account $5000 n/a n/a
Premium Service Account $10 000 n/a n/a


Trade99 Advantages:


Acceptable minimum deposit requirement 


We always try to come up with all the possible advantages about the broker we investigate, and with Trade99 the only feature that seems acceptable is their minimum deposit requirement – 250 USD - more or less what most other brokers will ask for to let you start trading. Still bear in mind that with some big well known names like FBS and IG you can start trading with virtually 5 USD or even less.


Trade99 Disadvantages:


No license


Trade99 wants us to believe they are based in Hong Kong (at least that is the official contact address on their website). In reality however, they are owned and operated by Nohelious International Marketing Operations, which is an offshore company incorporated in the Dominican Republic. 


And as we noted Trade99 is not regulated and that is a major issue. All legit brokers operating in Hong Kong for example should be licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), which among other requirements forces the companies in its jurisdiction to maintain a minimum paid-up share capital and liquid capital of at least 5 million HKD, as well as to keep adequate accounting and control systems. 


Similarly, all brokers operating in the European Union should be properly licensed and authorized by an official financial regulator in one of the EU member countries, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which also impose rather strict financial and ethical rules. 


Bear in mind that your funds will be safe only with properly regulated brokers. And with a FCA broker your trading capital will even be covered by an insurance for up to 85 000 GBP. So here you may check our list of brokers regulated there:


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Trading bonuses restricting your right to withdraw


Trade99 offers trading bonuses and that is a rather controversial practice. The problem with all such promotions is that they are always linked to some additional withdraw conditions, like a minimum trade volume requirement. In the case of Trade99 if you accept a trading bonus of let say 100 USD, in order to be allowed to withdraw any of your funds, you will have to trade at least 2,5 million USD. On top of that Trade99 reserves the right to change their bonus policy whenever they want so you may end up in a situation that you can never reach their ever increasing minimum trade volume requirement.



Various unspecified fees


In its Terms and Conditions Trade99 say they will charge you withdraw, deposit and service fees, without however giving any details on what those fees might be. Bear in mind that unlike Trade99 legit brokers are extremely clear and punctual about their fees and charges.


MetaTrader5 not supported


Although  Trade99 claims to support the MetaTrader5, when we registered and tried to download the platform, it turned out that the only available option is a lousy web based platform, lacking many features, standard with MT5.



For example we miss the option to run algorithmic trading sessions – something that you can do rather easily on MT5, with the help of customizable trading robots or Expert Advisros as they are called.  Also MT5 has an excellent set of advanced charting tools and nearly 100 market indicators, so here you may check as well our list of brokers, which do support MT5:


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High spreads 


When we opened the Trade99 web based platform the benchmark EURUSD spread floated above 2 pips and that is higher than the levels traders would usually consider attractive. Just have in mind that with a standard account starting spreads should not exceed 1,5 pips. And here you may also check our list of brokers, offering tighter spreads:


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Skrill and Neteller not accepted as payment methods


Although on its homepage Trade99 has the logos of NetellerSkrill, in reality, when we registered to open a trading account the only available payment options were credit cards like VISA and MasterCard, bank wire and bitcoins.



And that is notable especially in light of the new anti - scam policy adopted by Skrill, according which its services are available only to brokers with legit licenses. As we already noted  Trade99 is not one of the regulated brokers.


Few trading instruments


Although Trade99 says to be offering over 190 tradable instruments, including forex pairs, and CFDs on commodities, precious metals, indices and crypto coins, the only instruments we saw on their trading platform were 8 major currency pairs. Besides, if you are temped by the idea of trading crypto coins, here you may check our list of brokers, offering bitcoin CFDs:


>>Bitcoin Forex Brokers<<




Trade99 is a low credibility, unregulated, offshore broker, which we can not recommend for obvious reasons. Bear in mind that trading with unregulated brokers in general is extremely risky and our best advice is to avoid such websites altogether.

Latest news about Trade99
No news about Trade99. Check back later.
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Trade 99 is not a Genuine company

I requested trade 99 several times to withdraw my money which i invested but they never listen i contacted them almost one month i even got $300 phone call charge when i called trade99 customer service. and later one of the manager his name is Pratik he called me several times and forced me to invest more money i told him many times i don't have extra money help me to withdraw my money which i deposited before but he told me to invest more money and get profit then withdraw all my money together which i did and now there is nothing to withdraw i lost all my money. After i invested more money i was losing money i told him many times i am losing money he was least bother kept on saying to me leave it don't worry he will take care of it until i lost all my money he didn't do anything.So be careful before invest more money.They will call many times until deposit more money.i am very depressed and due to over stress i am not feeling well, that money i was saving to buy a car. This is my Genuine feedback of Trade99. And i strongly advised to Trade99 please don't force and lie to people and take money for free when people are having financial difficulties and stop playing with innocent people's emotions. Trade 99 is a scam for sure.

Poonam 11/21/2019

Complaint and experience with Trade99

I am having problem to get my money back - my deposit $250.
I want to close my account because the are so annoying and call me 10 times per the day.
I didn't have time to respond on their phone calls and emails and I decided to close account. However, they started call me and push me to do not do that and even been very nervy and rude to me.
One of their acc manager told me that English is not my first language and that I not logical person.
They asked me to open some BTC wallet and just in that way they will be able to give me money back. Also, I sent formal email request for close Acc and I that I want my deposit back but after that their staff called me many times and started screaming on me why I still want to do that. I repeated that is my decision and I don't want to talk anymore about my rights.
I am still waiting and who knows what will happen but I think that Trade99 is big fraud. I had just once trading and earned some fan amount as a $15
and that give to them right that insulted me, but I told them that I am recording every phone calls and they hung up.
Disgusting behavior

Zana 10/04/2019

Contact Center Based

Their "brokers" are actually based in a contact center in the Philippines called "Nusku". This center had a bad history with illegitimate clients prior to acquiring Trade 99 as their current client. These "brokers" are actually just normal Filipinos and Foreign Nationals living in the Philippines with little to no background in Forex or whatsoever and most are hired because of their "sales background" from previous contact center experiences which are most like telecom and/or cable internet-based sales.

Rei 09/27/2019


Too late, I saw several 'adverts' on Facebook, all supposedly by celebrities, eg Russell Crowe, stating that Trade99 had made them thousands of dollars, but all had exactly the same content! When I 'invested' the minimum amount of US$250, was told a Broker would trade on my behalf, even gave me his email address to contact. Then, I received numerous phone calls telling me I had to invest more if I wanted a Broker to trade for me. All from different phone numbers and they all said I couldn't withdraw any money until I had traded 17 times anyway!!!!!! Every time I said I refused to put in more money, I was cut off! Emailed my so-called Broker and haven't heard back.

Wendy Hay 09/19/2019

Trade99 is a SCAM SCAM SCAM

These asholes are scam artists no explination needed stay away stay clear , Trade99 is a Scam
I lost $250 but it will ruin their lives I promise them.

peter 09/03/2019

Trade99 is a SCAM

They failed to get me to open an account with them to trade bitcoins, now they resort to use different mobile numbers to harass every 30min or so. this is totally childish and has no business logic at all. they think by harassment they will get business from me... it is the opposite, i want the world to know they are a total scam and their business mode of operations involves harassment of potential clients.

Eric Cheah 08/22/2019


Hi Deposited £250 they never gave me a password when \i signed
Up So when I got to the login part It ask for a password.
I clicked forgot password thinking Icould reset it or change it
It come up with password has been reset so I have no way of accessing my money


Paul Dardani 08/19/2019

Beware of Trade99

Called and said I had opened an account with them to trade. I asked to see there license as a broker as it came from a Canadian phone number. He sent me to some dummy site that had no ruling at all from the CSA (Canadian Securities Association) I asked where are you based from he said he can't disclose that information as it would comprise their security. He explained that everything would be in BTC and that I would have helpw with my wallet, so does that mean they have acess to my private keys?

Be aware. Always trade with regulated brokers!

Cathy Canada 08/17/2019


Hello there

I am not even registred there...but somehow in a someway my number was given to them.So they called me up for about 5-6 times with a Swiss phone number and claimed that I had opened an account on their platform.

I trade always with regulated brokers...and such brokers which call you up are very annoying and aren't helpful at all.So one star or better less for that called "broker".I feel sorry for these guys which have to call me.

Edward England 07/18/2019
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