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Globalix Review - is it scam or safe?

Globalix review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 5 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Globalix
Globalix is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Globalix (,, is an offshore broker based on the Marshall Islands – a small atoll in the middle the Pacific Ocean. And that is not necessarily a problem, if they have been licensed and authorized by an official regulatory body. That however is not the case and basically all Globalix operation on regulated markets like the European Union, the US, Australia, Canada or Japan are illegal.


Trading account  Min. deposit Max. leverage Spread
Classic Account $250 1:100 3 pips, fixed
Gold Account $3000 1:100 n/a
Platinum Account $15 000 1:100 n/a
VIP Account $50 000 1:100 n/a


Globalix Advantages:


50 currency pairs and various other CFDs


Speaking of advantages we should credit Globalix with the choice of trading instruments – 50 forex pairs, lots of which exotic or minor like USDINR, USDZAR, USDTRY, USDSGD, USDSEK, USDRUB, USDPLN, USDNOK, USDMXN, USDHUF, USDHKD and USDDKK, as well as CFDs on silver, gold, platinum, palladium, oil, natural gas, sugar, cotton, orange, cocoa, corn, soybean, wheat, coffee, copper, some 23 indices and stocks. As we do not see crypto assets in the list however, hare we may also suggest that you check our list of brokers trading with bitcoin CFDs:


>>Bitcoin Forex Brokers<<


High leverage


Leverage as high as 1:100 – that is what Globalix are offering - is perfectly enough to fit even the most aggressive trading style. But if you are really tempted by the idea of trading with higher margin, here you may also check our list of brokers regulated in Australia, the last major regulatory hub, where retail traders can still enjoy virtually unrestricted leverage:


>>Brokers regulated in Australia<<


Acceptable minimum deposit requirement


Globalix asks for a minimum deposit of 250 USD and that is fine - most other brokers ask for the same amount. Still, bear in mind that some big well established companies like FBS and IG do not require a minimum deposit and will let you trade with virtually 5 USD or less.


A variety of payment methods


At Globalix you can pay with credit or debit cards like Visa, MasterCard or Diners Club, wire transfer and some e-wallets including Skrill. At least that is what we learn from their presentation. Still, as they seem not to accept crypto coins, here you may also check our list of brokers, accepting payments with bitcoins:


>>Forex Brokers Accepting Bitcoin<<


Globalix Disadvantages:


No license


As we already noted the company behind Globalix - Globalix Ltd. is based offshore, on the Marshall Islands and is not authorized by an official financial regulator. It is true that on the Marshall Islands there is no financial regulatory body, but it is also true that this is probably the only territory on the planet, where you can register a company on the internet, without ever setting a foot there. So basically that does not speak well about the legitimacy of Globalix – apart from the post box on the Marshall Islands, their web site is virtually anonymous.


Bear in mind that unregulated, offshore brokers like Globalix are in practice unaccountable for the way they handle your money, and that is simply because there is no one that oversees their activities and can guarantee that they are not scammers. 


So basically our general advise is to trade solely with brokers regulated by well known financial watchdogs, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).


And besides, with a FCA regulated broker your trading capital will even be covered by an insurance policy of up to 85 000 GBP. So here you may check as well our list of brokers, regulated in the UK:


>>FCA Regulated Forex Brokers<<


Trading bonuses with unusual withdraw conditions


Be aware, that with Globalix, you will have to trade at least 10 000 USD for every dollar you have accepted as a bonus before you will be allowed to withdraw, and that is highly unusual. Bear in mind that the practice of offering trading bonuses is banned throughout Europe altogether exactly because of this – most trading bonuses are unfair to traders.


Unusual fees


Be aware as well that Globalix will charge you a 100 USD monthly dormant fee if you have not traded for 45 days or more.


Also, if you have registered and deposited funds for using one of the auto-trading software products and you want to close the account and withdraw your funds before making at least 20 trades with the software, you will be charged a 100 USD auto-trading software fee.


High spreads


As tested with a demo account the benchmark EURUSD spread appeared to be fixed at 3 pips and that is twice higher than the starting spreads traders usually consider acceptable. So here you may also take a look at our list of brokers offering tighter spreads:


>> Lowest spread forex brokers<<


MettaTrader4 not supported


Although Globalix says to be offering the MetaTrader4, when we registered a trading account it turned out the only option is a web based trading platform, lacking many features standard with MT4.



For example we miss the option to run algorithmic trading sessions with the so called Expert Advisors – customizable trading robots designed especially for MT4.


Also with MetaTrader4 you have the advantage of nearly a hundred in-build market indicators, as well as a set of advanced charting tools, so here you may check our list of brokers, which do support the MT4:


>>MT4 Brokers<<




Globalix is not a regulated broker and that significantly decreases its credibility. On top of that there are some discrepancies in their presentation. They claim to work with the MetaTrader4 platform, while in the same time, what they are actually offering is a lousy web based platform. Again, here we will repeat our usual advise – trade only with properly licensed brokers, authorized by official regulators such as the FCA in the UK, CySEC in Cyprus or ASIC in Australia.

Latest news about Globalix
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Globalix withdrawal problem

I think this globalix is a big scam I invest in them around $550 then my account manager keep asking me to deposit more so that I can have a more profit. But I did not make any deposit and I want to withdraw my money. I make a withdrawal in my account on 27 October 2019 but until now now still pending.
I chat with them they said that I cannot withdraw my money because I did not reach the minimum trade volume which I don't know about that.

To all the people who want to invest in trading don't fall a trap in this Globlix broker.

Thank you,


Rico 11/13/2019


yo tambien he caido en esta estafa y 250 dolares menos...

Translated by Google:

I've also fallen for this scam and 250 dollars less ...

jose 09/12/2019

Definetely SCAM

Definetely SCAM
No replies to E-Mails and the telephone number doesn't work

Marc 09/02/2019

another shark in the sea of forex

A golden rule for us should be not to trade with unregulated brokers.
Even regulated brokers a to be checked, imaging how much more an unregulated one?

Jesus Guzman 08/14/2019

Stay Away from Globalix

You cant Withdraw your Money, it is just like the last Post says, junk!

Stay Away from this Thiefs!!

Tec Blogger 08/13/2019

Stay away from Globalix !!!!

Attention fraud! Attention fraud!
Unfortunately, I also stepped into this trap. I have relied on supposed specialists who have recommended this platform and have already made huge profits. Globalix makes no effort to repay the $ 250 paid. No response to emails. These so-called specialists and the operators of this Globalix platform are supposed to stew in hell.
Stay away from Globalix !!!!

MM 08/07/2019

emails bounce back

SCAM emails bounce back they hang up as soon as you say that you want to close ph not connected

joanne Parry 07/27/2019

Scam Scam Scam all the way to the bank.

I got done 250 US dollars that's 350 Australia.soon as I said they were a scam they hung up and my account disappeared. Hope they burn in hell.

Amanda Farr 07/04/2019

I think that Globalix is a scam

I got done by this company. I feel like a complete idiot. I cannot get any response to their number nor can I get reply to many emails sent to their email account

Maurice George Golding Rodriguez 06/26/2019

Scam - Fraud

I will agree with the other commentator...

This company runs ads and when you get to pay all your funds are not available.
Tried calling my Bank to cancel the transfer but it's too late...The Company is based in Nigeria...

I paid 250$ but got a very good lesson, never send money without contact the company first and get good reviews that there is no problem with the company.

It was my first time as well...

Traianos 06/21/2019

It's a scam - Globalix/autotraderpro

for the 1st time in my life I got scammed, I was browsing the internet and saw the add about autotraderpro, I opened the page and decided to try my luck with 250 (as per the instruction) I didn't realize that I'm transferring the funds to a 3rd party (Globalix), I did the transfer but my balance remained zero, although the transfer was affected and is shown in my account under their records. I tried to chat with the employee but no one responded, I sent emails and received a reply that the email doesn't exist, I called the phone and received the same result (the line doesn't exist or disconnected) in conclusion "IT's A SCAM"

frndly 06/14/2019
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