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FXtrading Corporation Is it scam or good crypto robot?

FXtrading Corporation Review - is scam or good crypto robot?

RATING: 1 / 7 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz FXtrading Corporation
Beware! FXtrading Corporation is most probably a scam!



General information


FXtrading Corporation is one of one of those shady providers in the trading world that offer some groundbreaking platform for automated trading in forex and cryptocurrencies, targeting mainly inexperienced investors.


Like most other crypto trading robots, FXtrading Corporation’s website is not very informative and features only a promotional video where their “offer” is presented. Obviously, they didn’t have much of a budget, as they didn’t even higher a native English speaker as a narrator.



Allegedly, the broker uses special artificial intelligence bots that will trade for you until you achieve 400% profit of the initial investment, which is supposed to happen within a year. Until then, clients of FXtrading Corporation are promised 2.5% daily profit immediately available for withdrawal, if they sign up for any of their investment plans. The minimum deposit required is $100.


Additionally, clients of FXtrading Corporation are offered various bonuses, and some gifts such as luxurious cars and watches. Besides, when they achieve the 400% profit goal, they get a renovation package.



Any verified track record?


As is usually the case with most crypto robot websites, FXtrading Corporation have provided no explanation on the auto-trading algorithm of their software, nor any proven track record of the historical performance. Instead, they have simply stated that their proprietary algorithm buys Bitcoin when it is cheaper, and sells when it is more expensive, while the customers “benefit by assuming the profit, which is deposited directly into their online accounts”.



FXtrading Corporation's platform. Click to view larger.


So, we cannot have any assurance whatsoever about the promised results and profits. By comparison, most forex trading robots and Expert Advisors (EAs) provide a track record of their historical performance as a proof that they are real and work as intended. Besides, some of the most popular social trading networks like ZuluTrade or eToro also provide such data. On top of that, these brokers are regulated and have been operating for years, while the corporate situation of FXtrading Corporation is utterly unclear.



Regulation and security of funds


Despite our thorough research, we did not find any information on the website regarding the registered address, the supposed company behind the operation, nor even the country of origin. Some sources suggest that the people behind the FXtrading Corporation are South Korean, but they seem to target investors from all over the world.


Nonetheless, such anonymity makes this financial services provider seem utterly unreliable. Whoever is the entity behind the website, it is not bound by any laws, nor fall under the oversight of any governmental authority. This also means that FXtrading Corporation’s operation on any regulated market, such as the USA, Europe or Japan, is illegal.


That being said, we also have to point out that the Spanish Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) has officially warned the public against FXtrading Corporation. Such clear-cut warning signs, together with the obvious lack of credible regulation, make us almost certain that this broker is just another fraudster on the forex and crypto market.



Precisely such crypto robot websites, promising quick and easy buck through automated crypto trading, mislead traders into registering and carelessly giving away their address, phone number and email. Minutes later, that same personal data is usually sent to some scam brokers, who start cold-calling registered traders, urging them to deposit. Needless to say, the crypto robots receive a commission for every trader who invest.


Given the number of investment scams in the trading world, regulation is the most important thing to look for in any financial services provider. If you are into Bitcoin, you’d better trade it on a regulated crypto-exchange or with a licensed forex broker.



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FRAUDFXtrading Corporation Fraud!

READ THIS BEFORE YOU LOSE YOUR LAST CENT ..... I want people to be aware of this.
Note: Not everyone is bad. But it is impossible to recognize good out of countless scammers.
I might sound stupid to few , few scammers will be wishing I were their prey and few people would feel sorry for me.
Watch out for the below alerts: STOP investing if you find anything similar if you encounter.
1. Cassandra More (her messenger is blocked now)
2. Someone by the name Alex would tell that he is Cassandra's manager and she cant talk over the phone. The phone is always with him. Meaning, Cassandra More does not exist.
3. COMPANY : fxtradingcorporation
4. Whatsapp Numbers: +44 7471 297277
+44 7471 297289
+44 7418 344815
5. Metrolbankonline
6. Google scam review: SCAM
I am totally depressed and have lost trust in humanity. We got scammed.
Here is the story:
I wanted to do bitcoin because we are in real need of money.
Last week I was travelling on my office purpose. During which my wife was reached out by someone (Cassandra More) for bitcoin. Owing to the need of the hour , though inexperienced, my wife had invested $50 with her.
She gave a code and asked to transfer the bitcoin for her to trade. She did.
She then asked for $150 to register with the company only then her company will allow her to trade.
This was a surprise. She then said it is the only charge and the charge will be included in the profits.
She said her manager ALEX wants to talk. He said the same.
My wife being scared , she bought another bitcoin worth $150 (the only money we were left with to run the family for the rest of the month).
I was away and was not aware of this.
By now she gave away$200.
The trader again said, to be able to withdraw the profits, we have to pay $120 to the company. Alex said after paying this, she can withdraw the funds immediately. Again, he said this was the last charge.
She was helpless and with the fear of losing already spent money, she borrowed some money from her friend and bought bitcoin of $120 and gave it to him.
He then said he has sent the profits to the bank. The bank then said, that it would disburse the funds if it is paid $250. By this time, the situation was to do or die. Money was already stuck.
This guy said that it is a mandatory charge for the bank and bank will activate the account and provide an Authorization Code. My wife who had borrowed money to pay this man and run the family for rest of the month , again bought a bitcoin if $250 hoping that she will get the money back.
The FINAL SHOCK came when the bank asked to pay $750 dollars more to provide a COT cost of transfer code. Else the funds won't be xferred.
By then my wife was left with no money or anyone to borrow from.
She then called me and informed me the story and it was hard to believe that someone just cheated her as she was helpless.
It was too late that our money $620 was stuck and the scammer was trying more to get $750 more. My wife asked to deduct whatever charges they want to, she said we don't even need profits. Just need the money back that we invested. We were already bankrupt by then.
The suspicious part is:
1. The bank manager kept calling asking for money.
Why would a bank manager be bothered if a customer doesn't withdraw funds???? RED ALERT. He said he wanted to help us get the traded profits. We said we have no money left and why a bank manager not want to keep funds in his bank? He says" don't make me angry " He hung up the phone.
2. The trader who said had already xfrred the money to the bank, kept calling immediately after the manager hung up the call asking how could we question the manager (BTW the manager sounded exactly like him). This happened Within seconds. This was completely Fishy and scam was about get bigger and I could sniff everything wrong.
3. From past three days, the trader has been calling us asking her to pay $750 so the bank will disburse the profits. We asked him to keep the profits and give the money back. He says he can't do it and he will lose the job.
We are white collared people, every penny we earn is out of hard work and by ethical means. We never cheated people ever in life. We only helped every who came to us for help without expecting anything in return.
We believe in God and believe that any earning by unfair means only leads to destruction. Having such noble principles, we have reached the stage today where everyone in the family is extremely sad and need to borrow more to run the family.
Kids are affected so much that I say no to them when they ask me to buy chocolates.
I couldn't say anything to my wife as I know that she did only to make things better for us. It could have happened to me as well. Being believers of God, Ethics and Integrity.... We only believe in trusting. Suspecting is not the first instinct we get.
Hope this helps.

Kalidas Lolugu Naidu 01/13/2020

Bloody thugs

i have waited for the withdrawal date of 20th October. The site said, withdrawals can only be done monday to friday so an extension will be made to the 21st. It is the 21st ctober. Imagine my anger when i found this: Your withdrawal will be available next month on the 20th october.

Peter 10/20/2019

Evil swindler Philip Han and his liar company FX Trading Corp, F2 Trading Corp, and Ttcorpex Exchange

Dear friends, there is a Korean Brazilian named Philip Han who created FX Trading Corp and its successor F2 Trading Copr, which has defrauded more than $1 billion in tens of millions of investors around the world. Now the liar is ready to create Ttcorpex Exchange to cheat more money. Liar Philip Han originally planned to let investors withdraw cash on September 20, 2019, but investors in mainland China were restricted from withdrawing their investment principals on this day for no reason. October 20, 2019 will be the latest withdrawal date, but this day is Sunday. We don’t know if investors in mainland China can withdraw the investment capital. We hope that you can help expose the fraud of this liar and his team.
FX Trading Corp:
F2 Trading Corp:
Ttcorpex Exchange:
Son of bitch of Philip Han please see:

Dojhlype 10/12/2019

Fxtrading corporation scammers

They are scammers, they will scam you and take your money, after that they will refuse to release you money and wìll ask you to pay more to get back your money

Rakesh Kumar 08/24/2019

liar company: FX and FX2 Trading Corp

I come from China. I was cheated by this liar company, named FX Trading Corp (abbr. FX), for about $50,000! Don't believe in it! FX2 Trading Corp (abbr. FX2) is an uppdated version of the FX, both are downright liar company with the same group and boss (one boss is Philip Han, a liar from South Korea). FX said at the beginning that the investment had a 400% profit, and then suddenly fell to 200% in June 2019 in the name of an upgrade. The withdrawal time was limited to one month from the original every day and one week. FX suddenly reduced the profit to 100% in July 2019 without any reasons, and the withdrawal is only permitted on every 20th day of each month. In just one or two months, FX changed five or six times and did not return the customer's principal for various reasons. Now the same team and boss are promoting an upgraded version of FX, named FX2 Trading Corp. In fact, FX2 and FX are the same thing, just changing the initial profit margin from 400% of the FX to 300% now. Any other operation is the same. Obviously, both FX and FX2 are the same scam company.Please don't be greedy to invest in this company. I also hope that the deceived people will join the police or the international police to catch this swindler as soon as possible and let them be sanctioned by law.

FKFX1and2 07/28/2019


I come from China! I was cheated by this liar company for about $50,000! Don't believe in it! FX Trading Corp and FX2 Trading Corp are both downright liar companies. FX1.0 said that the rebate was 400%, and then suddenly fell to 200% in June 2019. The withdrawal time was limited to one month from the original one; FX later suddenly reduced the rebate to 100% in July 2019. And it is stipulated that it can be withdrawn on the 20th of each month. After a month or two, five or six times, FX will not return the customer's principal for various reasons. FX2.0 and FX1.0 are exactly the same, definitely a liar company. Don't be fooled by this junk company.

FKFX12 07/26/2019

Scam - fxtradingcorp 2.0

I worked hard creating a network, helping a lot of people how platform and digital wallets work, then after all I did for them they still over 5000 dollars of my investment. Now they are coming back with a new scam called fxtradingcorp 2.0 and the person behind this P. Han

pablo riva 07/11/2019

scam alert

Dear All

I think this company is fraud. i have invested 101$ plan with 10$ registration on 2nd April 2019 but till now the amount is not showing in the site & there is no reply from support team as i have sent them the transaction detail. be-careful to invest. SCAM ALERT

shareef 04/08/2019
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