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Zurich Prime - Scammers

I am writing my review so others would not fall for tricks, contacts and all the data will be attached. There is a correspondence via Skype, mail, the results of transactions, I can throw off everything. Traded from 09/04/18 to 11/14/18.

In short, the fraudsters, but good specialists.

I saw the RFM-company advertisement, then I worked with the broker Andrey Smrnov through the Zurich Prime platform. Not the first, not the second, there are no trading licenses. Advertising who has no licenses is prohibited, bypassing it in two ways, the first under the guise of learning and the second word trading is written in English. I demanded a license, but they told me fairy tales, and lawyers didn’t want to get involved in everything. What the license gives, the licensing authority can control the company and, in the event of fraud, protect the investor, if there is no license, the brokerage company can set its own currency rates that differ a lot from the real ones. There are two bodies, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which has issued 8 licenses at the moment, and of course these two companies are not listed and compiled. They say they refused to international because of the sanctions, and in Russia there is a prolongation, I requested in early September 2018, there is still no license.

 For example, you threw $ 1000 opened a purchase transaction, for example, rubles, since the infa was received that the ruble would grow, but then the exchange rate was not expected to go the other way, you went into a minus, and the transaction was closed, but you will notice the ruble New Zealand dollar no. That is, no one controls them, and they can set the course at their discretion. The scheme is as follows. You drop $ 150 bargains, the broker shows amazing results, I gained 30% in almost 20 days, even though you would throw a lot of money. They say they say either themselves further, or they need to be increased to at least $ 1500-2000, I checked out $ 150 for checking and threw $ 800 further, the broker showed miraculously, showed his interest, they said% began to go more to him, call him more often The account grew to about $ 1250, which is also about 30%, I told him that more money would arrive soon and how I threw another $ 400, a couple of successful deals were opened, then everyone leaked 5 deals, the entire account is $ 1876. There were elections with the United States, and the next day the data came, and according to this data, my broker Andrey Smirnov, in my opinion, opened knowingly false transactions on the New Zealand Dollar NZD, the emphasis was that the currency would fall, but it was greatly strengthened and strengthened during two weeks. All this time, the currency was kept at a critical point, saying that it is necessary to throw more money to wait out the “storm”, after the funds have not been received for almost two weeks, the deals were closed due to lack of funds.

I believe that I was deceived for three reasons. 1 I told the broker that I’m making another $ 400 and am not going to invest anymore until April. 2 The broker received information on elections in the USA and another, where he was able to make a forecast and advised to open false transactions. 3. In total there were 57 transactions over the course of 2 months, where 50 were successful and closed on average within an hour, income was more than 30% somewhere in 20-30 days, I opened one $ 13 $ transaction incorrectly, one broker incorrectly predicted, but for the week came in plus. And the last 5 deals drove the entire account in a minus. The result Broker received the information that I have nothing to take, as well as information about exchange rates, he decided to merge me. As I read on the Internet there is such a fraud, I do not really understand it, but the bottom line is that they merge an account on a platform, for example Zurich Prime, and the RFM-company partner gets 30%. By the way, the company Zurich Prime is not located in Zurich, but the UK and with Zurich does not have any connections. I also want to note that I didn’t have the desire to learn trading, but I wanted to use the Account Management service. They only teach technical analysis, but where am I and a specialist who uses data and news background, and sits with colleagues with a whole department of analytics. I strictly followed the instructions of my Broker.

My broker is Andrey Smirnov, my login is BullishDJ355 id 1561113 at Zurich Prime. Mail

Denis Gladiy 2018-11-17
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