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Sorry for your loss.

I was one of the investors who had met the entire team of Red Forex !
I had attended the launch event and met each person associated with the management personally.
The owner of the Company were the following people:
1. Ankur Modi, the main guy who funded the event and the company.
2. Sachin Gunjal from Mumbai
3. William Bond (Indian) but lived in China xi an. He was the fund manager of the company.
4. Subhasis sahoo - some guy from West Bengal
5. Siby Varghese - from Delhi who came out openly as the owner of the company
6. Kriti Gupta - wife of Siby

The surprising thing during the event was that only 3 people portrayed themselves as the owner that day (William, Siby and Kriti) . But the rest 3 didn't show themselves as the owner.

After running a background check on all of them:
My conclusions are

All the blame is being put on the shoulders of Siby and his wife. When the fund was lost by William who seems to be absconding now.
Taking shelter of the film He is Back. Although no signs of the movie coming up. When everyone is after Siby and Kriti to return their hard earned money, where are the other directors of the company?

Ankur Modi , I googled about him and ran a background check on him, he is a wealthy Indian businessman , who can willingly compensate all the investors. He even had some Case against him wherein one of his employees had died while on duty.I expect him to return people's money and take all the curses of people Coz you r willfully not paying the investors.

Subhasis Sahoo is making money from people on Facebook , I see regular updates. Mr. Sahoo why are you not paying anyone?

Sachin Gunjal: I have a common friend , who last told me of his dirty deeds, he is a regular customer of all the Cheap dance bars and is much famous amongst the brothels of Mumbai. God bless his soul. So we know where our money has gone and to whose enjoyment.

Siby : is making money online and is repaying people slowly.God bless him and his family. I have received half of the amount I had lost. He will be sending more to me.

Kriti : Lost somewhere , not seeing any updates from her. Probably,devastated in life now.

William Bond : once you run a background check on him , you will be able to find out that he has scammed a lot of people in the name of Forex, all his certificate and parents are fake . He had a scammed people and h
Is hiding all money in China , tactfully married a Chinese girl to save him from the wrath of all Indian people he had cheated all these years to the tune of 7 million dollars. Maybe he is further Scamming people in the name of the Hollywood Project as well. I found out few articles online his main accomplices are Chitah Yajnes Shetty and Suresh Babu from Mumbai. Now this time , the plan seems bigger to cheat the Movie investors of Atleast 10 Million Dollars.

I second Mr. Emanuel, Ankur Modi, Sachin Gunjal, Subhasis sahoo and you William Bond, I hope all of your future generations suffer the curses given by people who lost their money in your scam enterprise.

Serena Adams 2019-05-27
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