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My story seems very similar to many bad reviews on line..l had sold my home and thought l would invest it for a few months, to find out l have lost it all, in the beginning l was gaining between 700 and 1600 euro a day so l was happy with that Adrian Matthias was my senior financial analysist due to the substantial amount in the account.. l am 63 years old and managed to not get scammed up until now but he was very professional at frauding people out of there money obviously, the minute l asked for a withdrawal to start building my new house, he was stalling saying he needed an email from the developers stating what l needed, over the next couple of days l found it hard to get onto him through the WhatsApp messenger site the phone calls aren't connected hey are meant to be coming from London then l found out they are based in Estonia, while l was talking to him he managed to lose 97000 euros in 90 seconds I continued asking him to stop gambling my money away and he said he would need to keep trading so he could make t then had a gut feeling that my money was long gone and the fake platform l was looking at every day was no more than a false page no different than games we can play on line.. l have notified the bank and they were able to recover $1600 that l initially started with that came out of my debit card but the Bpay amounts l am still trying to recover,,l have not heard from Adrian since then but because I have notified all the authorities nationally and internationally l did receive a call from a senior CEO Isahia an extremely rude threatening man with a raw African accent hreatening me to stop all the lawmen while he investigates how carelessly Adrian lost my money which l believed was a weird remark so my son spoke to him and this rude guy asked him would he be advocating for me if anything was to happen to me which later when I thought about it that was KONTOFX is nearly 200000 Euro better off for have known me.. and to top it off l have had so many more scammers contacting me offering to get my money back to put in there pocket.. all l can say is these scamming mongrels are all the same and it started very innocently when my home was sold and placed on the real estate website for these animals to find people like me my age my situation who are prey for these predators, so l would like to state good luck to the people who have had good experiences and l feel for the ones like me who cant find anything nice about them

diane 2018-12-02
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Crypto scammer Patrick McDonnell sentenced to 33 months of imprisonment

Jan 17 2020 14:54:19, Jonathan Smith in Market

Patrick McDonnell, CEO of Coin Drop Markets, was sentenced to 33 months in federal prison and also ordered to pay $224,350 in restitution, after pleading guilty to cryptocurrency fraud last year. The Federal court in Brooklyn issued the sentence on Thursday.   Through his company Cabbage Tech Corp., also known as Coin Drop Markets, the 47-year-old New Yorker defrauded at least 10 victims of around $194,000, plus additional virtual currency funds, for a total loss of $224,350, officials said. The criminal activity took place between November 2014 and January 2018. Read more

FC Barcelona and FBS Sign New Global Partnership Agreement

Jan 17 2020 13:05:55, in Brokers

Broker specializing in online trading becomes club’s Official Trading Partner for four years, through 30 June 2024.   FC Barcelona and FBS have reached a new global partnership agreement, whereby the broker specializing in Forex trading is to become the soccer club’s Official Trading Partner for the next four years, through 30 June 2024. This partnership will be a boost to Barça’s global commercial strategy, as part of the consolidation of its international expansion to ensure it continues to be a benchmark club both on and off the field.    The agreement was made official at an event held at the Camp Nou stadium attended by Mr. Read more

UK's FCA expects up to 10% decline of profits in the forex industry

Jan 16 2020 17:47:56, Jonathan Smith in Market

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) expects that the new regulations imposed on the retail forex and CFD brokers in the UK will lead to an overall reduction of their profits of between 6% and 10% - a decline which by the year 2021 may reach between 38.5 million GBP and 55.3 million GBP.   The data comes from the latest FCA impact assessment, published on Thursday, which measures the effect of the new leverage restrictions, adopted back in 2018.    According to the current rules, applied both in the EU and the UK, the maximum leverage a broker might offer its clients is 1:30 for major forex pairs, 1:20 for most CFDs and 1:2 for crypto CFDs. Read more

UK’s FCA updates its warning list with A.B.Capitals and LincolnFX

Jan 16 2020 16:48:27, Jonathan Smith in Market

  Another bunch of brokers have made it to the warning list of UK’s Financial Conduct Authority since the beginning of 2020. We’ll focus on two of them - A.B.Capitals and LincolnFX – which, according to the British financial watchdog, have been providing financial services to UK investors without a proper license.   As a matter of fact, the FCA exposed LincolnFX as a clone firm of company duly regulated in the UK with the name Lincoln Finance Ltd. The official warning reads that fraudsters are using the details of FCA-licensed firms to try to convince investors that they work for a genuine, authorised firm. Read more

Coinbase will pay $1 mln to victims of the Cryptsy hack attack

Jan 15 2020 18:06:18, Jonathan Smith in Market

Coinbase, the San Francisco based crypto exchange, has agreed to pay 962500 USD as a compensation  to victims of the Cryptsy hacker attack, in an out of court settlement, court papers reveal.   In January 2016 after a hacker attack in which some 13 000 Bitcoin and 300 000 Litecoin were stolen,  Cryptsy filed for bankruptcy. Of the stolen crypto coins over 10 000 Bitcoins belonged to customers.   On it part Coinbase got involved in the case, when victims of the attack accused it of helping to launder part of the stolen coins. In an official complaint filed in December 2016 Coinbase was accused of laundering some 8.2 million USD in digital currencies. Read more

Clients of FXFINPRO to be invited to file compensation claims

Jan 15 2020 14:32:03, Jonathan Smith in Market

  Clients of now-defunct forex brokerage FXFINPRO will be invited to submit compensation applications by the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF), the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) announced on Monday.   CySEC has initiated a compensation procedure for clients of PFX Financial Professionals Ltd. – a former Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) that operated FXFINPRO Capital brokerage brand. The Cypriot financial watchdog has wholly withdrawn the license of the aforementioned company in October 2018, but the latter hasn’t yet settled its obligations to clients although it should have done so in accordance with the Law. Read more

Australians were scammed for $42.5 mln in 2019 alone

Jan 14 2020 14:08:08, Jonathan Smith in Market

Australians have lost some 61.61 mln AUD (42.5 mln USD) in investment scams in 2019 alone, the latest data of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) reveals.   For 2019 there are 4986 separate reported scams in the country, but according some analysts the actual number of scam cases is much higher as many people feel too embarrassed to acknowledge they have been scammed.   According to the ACCC report July was particularly bad for the investment community in Australia – in July alone some 12.56 mln. AUD (8.67 mln. USD)  were lost to scammers. August and December were also months when the scam levels were notably higher. Read more

Chinese investors lost an average of $20k to crypto scams in 2019

Jan 14 2020 13:06:44, Jonathan Smith in Market

  Chinese crypto investors who have been scammed in 2019 reportedly lost nearly $20k each (134,522 yuan), according to the 2019 Cyber Fraud Trend Research Report, published previous week.   The annual study reveals that crypto scams were the most common type of online financial fraud reported in China last year. Furthermore, it seems that while online fraud cases decline in 2019, the losses per capita rise, as scammers appear to target wealthier individuals.    The report also said crypto scammers typically promise high yields with newly launched ‘coins,’ or funds which are “actually frauds, pyramid schemes, and illegal fund-raising activity. Read more

FP Markets adds Autochartist to its list of analytical tools

Jan 13 2020 17:56:25, Jonathan Smith in Brokers

FP Markets, one of the leading brokers in Australia and a trusted global Forex and CFD broker, has added yet another instrument to its long list of trading tools  - the Autochartist - an online technical analysis tool which scans the market to provide detailed breakdowns across a wide range of Forex and CFD instruments.    Upon accessing the Autochartist service, clients will receive live trading alerts in their language of choice throughout the day so that they can take advantage of every trading opportunity. Read more

Cobinhood suspends operations amidst exit scam rumors

Jan 13 2020 15:53:10, Jonathan Smith in Market

  Crypto exchange Cobinhood announced they’re shutting down temporarily last week to audit all accounts' balances. However, many suspect that the people behind the operation are actually pulling an exit scam.     Cobinhood has promised it would reopen its wallets for withdrawals on Feb 9, and has warned that until then new deposits will not be counted and can lead to permanent losses. Yet, the message is somewhat unclear and raises concerns of exit scam, given the generally low volumes and the damaged reputation of the exchange.   CEO and co-founder Popo Chen ousted from the company in May previous year amidst rumors of bankruptcy and exit scam. Read more

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