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My experience with Trade Fintech

Immediately after I signed up, I got this call from a number pretending to be a number from my country. I didn't want to deposit any money inside first, but the guy from the other line jumped straight into how to deposit funds so naturally and quickly that I thought it was the practise of the industry. On hindsight, it should have set off some red flags then. Everything about the website screamed of scam. I deposited 250 Euro but my bank account went down by $400. I understand that there might be some exchange rate conversion, but even factoring in exchange rate, I should only be charged with $380. I read through ALL of the terms and conditions, and there wasn't any deposit fees. One thing fishy was that when I deposited money through Fintech's 'secure gateway', it didn't mention the conversion rate. So I suspect that Fintech might have simply deducted more money that they should have.

Then I found out about this website. I cannot comment on whether they are a scam or not as I have not actually went into the trading process. Read the below comments to find out more. From what I can gather, people have experienced:

1) Trading on a 'fake' platform
2) Harassment by Fintech brokers
3) Leakage of personal data into the dark web resulting in ads targeted to their phones
4) Withdrawal problems
5) Being pressured to deposit more money and eventually losing it all
6) Being pressured to download software that allows Fintech brokers to view their computer
7) Most serious -- money stolen from their bank accounts

In researching their company, I have actually stumbled across an article that sums up all their characteristics eerily accurately. Here's the link:

If you are like me and you're reading this review after depositing your funds in, I actually got my money back, and this is what I recommend you do. You can't stop your deposit from going through at this stage.

1) Freeze your credit card/debit card you used to make the deposit. Better yet, replace your card altogether deactivate your card.
2) If you notice any unsolicited transfers, contact your bank immediately. Some banks will offer refunds if you are able to prove that their transfer was done without your consent.
3) Put in a request for withdrawal via [email protected], they will ask for 'compliance' documents. I think you have no choice but to give it to them. Granted, this might leak your personal info. I am not familiar with the dark web, but some websites that are on the dark web will take down your data if you make a call to them. You might also want to get a friend who knows how to navigate the dark web to see how exposed you are.
4) They will tell you that their deposit will take 5-7 days. After around 3 days, you will see the funds in your account disappear. The funds will not appear in your bank for about another 5 days. So for about 5 days all traces of your deposit will be gone. This freaked me out so I thought I put this in as a warning as well.
5) Tell them via [email protected] that you want to be contacted via email and not calls. Be firm and don't answer any calls. If you do, their might harass you to deposit more money or convince you to not back out. Keep emailing them to find our your status of your deposit. For me, I emailed them everyday and they told me they were awaiting confirmation from their payment provider. I think that if you get this reply, you should be fine and get your money back. If they give some other excuse, it might be that they are trying to keep your money.
6) If all goes well, after 1 week, you should receive your deposit back. They do charge a 25 euro withdrawal processing fee (its hidden in their Terms and Conditions), so that sucks.
7) If you don't receive your deposit back, then you should absolutely treat them as criminals. Go to your police department. They likely won't have enough reach to discipline international crime so you will also have to take some action on your own too. For me, I wasn't sure that I was going to receive my deposit back so I spammed their emails. After all, this is your money and they have no right to scam you. Immediately after I spammed their emails, I got my money back. So drop them emails during your free time at both [email protected] and [email protected], under different subjects and with different emails to get past filtering. Spam them for as long as they got your money, there's no need to feel bad about doing it.

If you have just deposited your funds, I hope this post at least reassures you that there is a chance you will get your deposits back. They are a shady organisation and you should pull out your funds as soon as possible.

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