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Dont ever do business with JAFX

Name: Martin

E-mail: [email protected]

Joseph Wed, 01/31/18 02:12:47 pm America/Montreal

Hello. How may I help you?

Martin 02:13:07 pm

Hi, is it possible to call trade desk or request a call immediatly
I submited a ticket but it will take too long

Joseph 02:14:41 pm

Unfortunately no. The Trading Desk doesn't have a phone number. It might take up to 24 business hours to be replied.

Martin 02:15:20 pm

wow, this is awful customer service... I have 4 trades opened and I cant close them bcs of some bugs or something like that
there is no way I can close them by myself
I tried everything
cant close.JPG
I used ''close order'' tab and this happened 02:16:38 pm
now i cant do shit

Joseph 02:17:35 pm

When it comes to trade inquiries they must be assisted by the Trading Desk. We do not have that type of information since it is a more delicate field. Otherwise I would gladly assist.

Martin 02:18:09 pm

Well bring someone to the trade desk. I cant wait 24h
Ill pay fees and stuff to keep those useless trades active
and its not even my fault
plus i submited a ticket 3 days ago and they didnt nothing 02:20:41 pm

Joseph 02:23:27 pm

I do apologize for the inconvenience but you need to wait for a response from the Trading Desk. Otherwise I would gladly assist.

Martin 02:25:06 pm

So you are telling to your customer to wait and lose money bcs of your fault?
This is literally the worst customer service ive seen in my life
72h delay to reach a trading desk lmao 02:26:13 pm
this is insane
I am not asking to refund a pillow jeez, I want you to fix your bugs which cost me money everyday. The fact that I got to wait days to get is resolved is really really awful 02:31:57 pm

Joseph 02:32:41 pm

I understand your concern but I'm afraid I don't have the tools to assist with those inquiries in this department.

Martin 02:33:18 pm

tell the trading desk to call me, do something
Tickets takes ages to have a respond, I want it resolved today 02:34:43 pm
+1 581 995 6930 02:42:37 pm

Joseph 02:43:42 pm

As I said, the Trading Desk will be getting in contact with you via email.

Martin 02:45:15 pm

And I told you I can't wait 24 h for an email that wont solve anything. I want to talk to someone in charge

Joseph 02:46:41 pm

Unfortunately you need to wait. The Trading Desk doesn't have assistance via phone. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Martin 02:47:31 pm

Then tell them to cantact me now
in other words tou are saying ; sir im sorry you will keep losing money on our behalf, I cant do anything about it. Keep losing money and have a good day ? 02:49:32 pm
+44 20 3808 3225 (UK) what is that number for 03:16:40 pm

Joseph 03:17:29 pm

That's our Customer Service phone number.

Martin 03:18:14 pm

''Customer service'' right
w/e I guess I was right
Ill make sure everyone I know and ever meet in my life will never do business with you 03:19:01 pm
ill post to convo everywhere so people are aware 03:20:35 pm

Martin 2018-01-31
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