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Betacrypto - more lies upon lies

It has been ten working days now since Betacrypto restored my account minus 0.21 BTC(why? as no withdrawal received and 0.23 BTC requested). I sent an email so that they might be indignant and support would reply but nothing. Email is below:-

Dear Support,

May I draw your attention to my account balance and my withdrawal history item 100.

Here Betacrypto fraudulently changed my withdrawal status to 'paid' on 17/09/18(request for this withdrawal was originally 27/07/18(refused) and then again on 28/08/18).
This status is incorrect as my new account manager confirms.
I have not been paid this 0.23 BTC so the status is incorrect and my balance is fraudulently displayed as despite many statements by Peter Young that it had been paid. He thought that I was scamming for more money. At his request I sent my bank statements as proof. We all know now that I have been told a pack of lies.
Peter Young is very pleasant and careful not to be smeared or tainted but he is definitely a liar. He could have resolved this a long time ago and approved my original withdrawal and I would have been happy and still trading with Betacrypto.
The fact is that if I had received my withdrawal it just about matched all my deposits so my account would be the $1000 credit(just numbers on the screen) and the remainder would be profit. A genuine company would not have a problem but a deposit scamming organisation like Betacrypto it would be against their policy to return any deposits. I was lucky to receive back my original withdrawal, albeit late and credited to a Coinbase account. Fortunately, I had received income from elsewhere so Betacrypto being late did not hurt me at that point. It did however, alert me and scam alarm bells went off in my head.

Now my new account manager has assured me that there was an error in the system and that my money had not in fact been sent. He said that Betacrypto would send it. I allowed seven working days but now it has been ten working days and still nothing.

This money has not been received after seven working days so Betacrypto are once again not just behaving inappropriately towards their investors but fraudulently so.

It seems that not only does your trading website look and feel extremely dodgy but your account manager's actions on placing trades via Anydesk is inappropriate but it is just so that he can see that I am not accessing the tradingview charts to actually see what is happening in reality. There are some fake trades, making me profit, but these are only scamming tools to encourage more deposits. Your account manager Peter Young was saying that he can't do this little trading trick all the time unless I put more money in. Once the money is in then the same operation is repeated again and again as more deposits are collected. The profit shown is totally fake and if I was to ask for a significant withdrawal say half my account then it would be refused. That is how your scam system works. Support and account manager's fake help is full of lies, excuses and deceit. My previous account manager was not sacked as one your guys said that he is your best expert trader(conman) and you would not want to lose such a good conman from your small gang of internet fraudsters.

The other lie, one of many, is that I am the only client causing Betacrypto problems.
Well either I am the only fool to join your company or you have all the others locked into Daniel's contract(address Zurich no other details to be verified). The poor innocents are probably paid small profit(taken from other investor's deposits(Ponzi scheme)) and as they approach midway their profit is not as good as first thought. In fact it will never pay back all their investment deposits as Betacrypto will look at their balance sheet and notice that no new significant client deposits are arriving and the profit payments has hit the turning point. At that moment in time Betacrypto will close down their trading website and just disappear. They do not trade on the markets as that would be gambling with their lack of knowledge about them. Instead they have created a simulated trading website to lure in investors on the basis of 'get rich quick you can't lose'. Well I have just proved Betacrypto wrong in that so that is yet another lie.

Email me back please pointing out where my assessment of Betacrypto is incorrect.
I would love to hear what you have to say about it. How else can Betacrypto make money. Only a deposit scammer would hold on to £1000 of a client's money and try to bat away complaints with so many weak excuses and lies.

Best regards

Ronald Wright 2018-11-30
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