Webmoney Forex Brokers

WebMoney is an electronic money and online payment system that works since 1998. Originally it was targeted mainly at Russian clients and now it is used worldwide. In a nutshell, Webmoney can be described as a global money transfer operation system.

Registration and receiving money (called “WM units”) is free of charge, while sending WebMoney to other users incurs a fee of 0.8%. You may find more detailed information about WM charges and fees here.


WebMoney accounts are also known as “purses” and the system supports various types, depending on the currency and the valuables property rights (for instance, E-Purse also called “WME” stands for e-money in EUR; G-Purse, also called “WMG” stands for warehouse receipt for stock Gold in a certified storage area).


Accounts are identified by strings called WM-IDs; account holders can remain completely anonymous towards each other. WMID allows the System's user not only to perform operations with Purses, but also to exchange legally binding messages with other users and enter into contracts. 


This electronic payment system is easy to use and very convenient as WebMoney transactions do not require a credit card or bank account and users could spend or receive money instantly. That is why more WebMoney Forex Brokers appear.


Here you can see a list of Forex Brokers accepting WebMoney deposits:

Webmoney Forex Brokers

Broker Min.deposit Leverage Country Regulation Review
$5 1:888 UK, Cyprus FCA, CySec Review Website
$100 1:500 UK, Cyprus FCA, CySEC Review Website
$300 1:400 Cyprus CySEC Review Website
$500 1:500 Belize IFSC Review Website
$1 1:1000 Cyprus, Belize CySec Review
$1 1:500 UK, Australia FCA, ASIC Review
$50 1:1000 Cyprus CySec Review
$100 1:400 New Zealand Review
$100 1:400 Review
$1 1:3000 IFSC Review
$31 1:500 Review
$250 1:400 Review
$1 1:500 BVI FSC Review
$200 1:200 Australia ASIC Review
$2 1:2000 Belize IFSC Review
$1 1:400 FSC Review
$500 1:500 Cyprus CySEC Review
$100 500:1 Cyprus CySec Review
$1000 1:200 Cyprus CySEC Review
$500 1:500 Cyprus CySEC Review
$20 1:200 IFSC, FSC Review
$50 1:500 New Zealand FMA Review
$10 1:500 SVG N/A Review
$1 1:200 N/A N/A Review
$200 1:500 New Zealand FMA Review
$250 1:200 Cyprus CySEC Review
$1 1:500 SVG N/A Review
$100 1:400 Cyprus CySEC Review
$500 1:400 Marshall Islands N/A Review
$100 1:500 Cyprus CySEC Review
$30 1:500 Cyprus CySEC Review
$1 1:500 Cyprus CySEC Review
$100 1:200 Cyprus CySEC Review
$100 1:300 Cyprus CySEC Review
$250 400:1 Cyprus Cysec Review
$500 1:400 Panama, BVI N/A Review
$1 1:1000 St. Vincent and the Grenadines No Review
$1 1:500 Belize IFSC Review
$1 1:1000 Russia No Review
$1 1000:1 N/A Review
$25 1:200 New Zealand N/A Review
$10 1:500 Marshall Islands N/A Review
$1 1:1000 Belize IFSC Review
$500 1:300 SVG N/A Review
$1 1:100 SVG N/A Review
$500 1:500 Dominica N/A Review
$100 1:2000 SVG N/A Review
$500 1:500 Marshall islands No Review
$20 1:500 UK N/A Review
$500 1:200 SVG None Review
$50 1:500 Belize IFSC Review
$1 1:400 Vanuatu VFSC Review
$10 1:200 Belize IFSC Review
$100 1:400 Marshall islands None Review
$5000 1:200 Vanuatu N/A Review
$250 1:100 UK N/A Review
$1 000 1:500 Cyprus N/A Review

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