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Tradeo forex brokers


Tradeo is a relatively young social trading network, the teenager of social trading if you wish – and as such, it is free, open and independent. The list of brokers working with Tradeo features over 50 names and constantly keeps expanding – if your broker is not listed there, just shoot the networkd an email, and chances are it will be added pretty soon. 


Platforms like ZuluTrade and Tradency's Mirror Trader have an obvious edge over Tradeo, however the latter will probably soon catch up and probably even get ahead of the competition because of a simple reason: along with automatic and manual signal copying, the platform offers lots of Facebook- and Twitter-like features (for example live messaging, feeds, profile pages, etc.) that help its users grow into an actual and relevant community. 


What's more, the network offers the so-called SocialTrader – a cool platform where social updates and trading are intertwined on a single forex chart. 


One downside of the Tradeo services is that there is no criteria for selection of signal providers and anyone can become one – which makes sense given that all signals are free of charge. However, this is a disadvantage for new traders who are not experienced enough to read signal providers' profiles and statistics and draw conclusions of the signal providers' reliability. 

Below is a list of brokers working with Tradeo.



Tradeo forex brokers

Broker Regulated Min.deposit Leverage Spread Promotion Review
$50 1:400 0.4 Review Website
$100 1:500 0.8 Review Website
$1 1:50 0.9 N/A Review
$200 1:500 0 Review
$1 1:500 2 $100 Review
$250 1:50 2 8% Bonus Review
$200 1:500 1 Review
$100 1:400 1 Review
$100 1:300 0.4 Review
$100 1:500 1.5 Review
$200 1:500 1.6 Review
$200 1:500 1 Review
$31 1:500 1.3 Review
$100 1:200 2 Welcome Review
  $1 1:500 2 25% on deposit bonus Review
$200 1:500 1.2 Review
$1 1:400 0.9 Review
$1 1:100 1.8 Review
$100 1:30 2 Review
$100 1:500 1.4 Review
$250 1:300 1.8 Review
$1 1:1000 3 30% Bonus Review
$400 1:50 0.9 Review
$250 1:50 3 Review
$100 1:400 5 Review
$100 1:200 3 up to $2000 Review

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