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Regulated brokers offering Bitcoin trading

Given Bitcoin's meteoric rise, which changes the world of finance before our eyes, it is not surprising that more and more forex brokers add Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to their trading portfolios due to the massive demand by investors. 

While most cryptocurrency exchanges operate without any regulation whatsoever, this is not the case with forex brokerages offering Bitcoin trading. The majority of them are licensed by reputable financial regulators, such as UK’s FCA, Cyprus’s CySEC and Australia’s ASIC.
Companies licensed by FCA and CySEC are obliged to hold at least €730 000 in order to prove their financial stability and must comply with certain rules and procedures covering client funds, order execution, regular report filing, AML and KYC, etc. Besides, Cypriot and UK brokerages are required to comply with the rules set out on a European level. In return, these companies are allowed to provide their servises throughout the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA).  
What is probably most important about regulation of financial services providers in Cyprus and UK, their clients are covered by compensation schemes. So if a licensed broker becomes insolvent, the respective Compensation fund can pay out compensations up to £50,000 (in the UK) or up to 20,000 EUR (in Cyprus) per client. 
Australian forex brokers, on the other hand, are not covered by any compensation scheme. Nonetheless, they have to meet strict capital requirements (AUD 1 million) and to implement certain internal procedures, such as for risk management, client fund segregation, staff training, accounting and audits.
Speaking of forex broker regulation, we also have to mention the US. The market there became over-regulated and most companies have moved their business out of the US or simply shut down. Currently, there are only three brokerages operating there, and none of them offers Bitcoin trading. On the other hand, the US is one of the few countries that have introduced some sort of regulation for Bitcoin exchanges – the NY BitLicense.
Here, you can find a list of well-regulated forex brokers that offer trading in Bitcoin. Also, we would like to remind of an important difference between trading Bitcoin with a forex broker and at a cryptocurrency exchange.

Regulated brokers offering Bitcoin trading

Broker Country Regulation Platforms Min.deposit Review
Cyprus, UK, Mauritius CySec, FCA, IFSC MT4, MT5, Web $10 Review Website
Cyprus, Australia CySec, ASIC MT4, Web,
Mobile app
$100 Review Website
Australia, Cyprus ASIC MT4, MT5,
$100 Review Website
UK, Australia, Singapore FCA, ASIC, MAS, BaFin MT4, Web,
$0 Review Website
UK, Cyprus, Hong Kong FCA, CySEC, SFC MT4, MT5, Web,
$100 Review
UK FCA MT4 $100 Review

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