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Crypto robots

The massive interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general in the past year has given rise of all sorts of investment schemes in these financial assets, inclining the so called crypto robots. Websites allegedly offering algorithmic trading in cryptocurrencies and promising skyrocketing profits keep springing up like mushrooms after the rain. The truth, however, is that most of them are simply collecting personal data, or are pure scams. 

Usually with such robots we will see only a website with a trailer video describing a hot offer on the crypto market. Some websites are nicely designed, with well-edited videos, but most of them are poorly made and with very little, if any, information on the algorithm of the trading bot, how their software works, which coins are being traded, etc. Most importantly, none of the crypto robot sites we have reviewed provides any verified track record as a sort of proof that the advertised software actually works and is profitable.
Such scam websites often claim that their founder is some non-existent rich person who owns fabulous yachts, private jets and is always surrounded by pretty girls. Strangely, this person is eager to share the secret of his success, either for free or against an initial payment of, say, $250. 
The truth is that those who are lured into signing up will probably be transferred to some scam broker, which will pay a commission to the crypto bot website. The sales representative of the broker will do everything possible to get you deposit (more, in case you already did). 
Another typical thing about crypto robot scams is that their service is usually completely anonymous. Most websites fail to mention the name of the company that operates them, its headquarters, phone number, etc. Those who do provide some corporate information are hardly more reliable than the rest, as they are also unregulated. 
In case you are into Bitcoin and similar digital assets, you’d better trade those on a regulated cryptocurrency exchange or with a licensed broker that offers crypto CFDs. 
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Crypto robots

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