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Buy Qtum (QTUM)



Launched as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network while the project was in development, Qtum now is an open source Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain application platform. The swap took place on October 4th, 2017 and all the Qtum ERC20 token holders had to switch to the new Qtum mainnet tokens if they wanted to retain their tokens’ value and functionality.


Due to the fact that this coin is a sort of hybrid of Ethereum and Bitcoin technology, is compatible with existing Ethereum contracts as well as Bitcoin gateways, which is a huge advantage. Currently, Qtum is in the top 20 of cryptocurrencies rated by their market capitalization.


This is a project by the Qtum Foundation, a Singapore-based entity whose team mainly focuses on helping businesses build decentralized applications. More specifically, they look to build solutions which can be executed on mobile devices



How to buy QTUM


To date, there isn’t an exchange that supports this coin and accepts credit card payments. Nonetheless, there is a way you can use your credit card to get some Qtum. Just follow these steps:


1. Buy another cryptocurrency first. You can easily buy Bitcoin or Ether with credit card at Coinbase. It is a large exchange that holds a New York bit license and is available in many countries. What is more, if you buy bitcoin for $100 or more you'll get $10 bonus.



>>Buy Bitcoin at Coinbase<<



2. Now that you have some Bitcoin or Ether, you can open an account in an exchange that offers trading in QTUM. There are actually a number of exchanges that support it. We will mention some of the major ones: Bithumb, Binance, Huobi,, and Bitfinex.


3. Transfer the Bitcoin or Ether to the platform of your choice.


4. Exchange it for some QTUM.


5. Store it in a secure wallet. It is recommendable that you keep your QTUM coins off exchange, and use your own e-wallet. If you save your Qtum coins and also run a node, it will stake. This is similar to keeping your money in a bank account and through time you earn some interest on it.



If you are looking for exchanges where you can directly buy QTUM with traditional currencies, check out the below list of platforms that support that coin and allow users to buy it with fiat currencies. You can purchase QTUM directly with USD on the following platforms:


Bitfinex: You can deposit US dollars via bank wire (involving 0.1% fee), but keep in mind that the exchange stopped accepting US clients in November.

Livecoin: These exchange offers several deposit methods: bank transfer, Perfect Money, OKPay, Payeer and Advcash.

Quoine: Allows you to use bank wire transfer and supports trading in several crypto-to-fiat pairs QTUM/USD, QTUM/EUR, QTUM/JPY and SGD.


In addition, you can purchase QTUM with Korean Republic Won (KRW) on UpBit, Biththumb, Coinone, Coinrail and Coinnest.


In theory, you can engage in trading on CFDs on QTUM, instead of the coin itself, but there are no forex brokers that offer that yet. Most of them offer trading in the most popular digital assets, such as Bitcoin and Ether. Nonetheless, if you’d rather not open numerous accounts and hassle with wallets and private keys, check out what brokers have to offer regarding cryptocurrencies. Here is a list of some reliable and regulated ones:


>>Trusted brokers offering Bitcoin trading<<


Below, you can find a list of exchanges that currently support Qtum. If you need further information about the cost of trading, reliability, and ease of use of each of them, just click on the “review” button. 



Buy Qtum (QTUM)

Broker Country Deposit Fees Trading Fees Review
China Crypto only, free 0.03% Review
China Crypto only, free 0.10% Review
South Korea Wire: Free 0.10% Review
Japan, Singapore, Vietnam Crypto only, free 0.15% Review
Japan, Singapore, Vietnam Wire: Free 0.25% Review
Hong Kong Crypto only, free 0.10% Review
USA Approx. 1.8% - Review
South Korea Wire: Free 0.15% Review
China 0% – 0.2% Review
China, Hong Kong - 0.1% Review
Cyprus - 2.5% Review
BVI Wire: 0.1%, min $20 0.20% Review
UK Crypto only, free 0.10% Review
USA Crypto only, free 0.25% Review
Unknown Crypto only, free 0.10% Review
US Crypto only, free 0.2% Review
Singapore, Romania Crypto only, free 0.20% Review
Ukraine Undisclosed 0.25% Review
Hong Kong No 0.1% Review
Turkey - 0.15% Review
India up to 2% for fiat; 0.001 BTC 0.3% Taker Review
Singapore Crypto: free, 0.20% Review
India Bank Transfer: Free 1% Review
N/A No No Review
South Korea No 0.01% Review
Hong Kong Crypto only, free 0.30% Review
South Korea Free 0.1% Review
Singapore Crypto: free 0.20% Review
Netherlands SEPA: €0.61 GiroPay: 2.5% No info Review
Canada N/A 0.2% Review
N/A Varies 0.18% Review
Brazil Crypto only 0.25% Review
N/A 0.15% Review
South Korea No 0.25% Review
Singapore Crypto: free; CNY not clear 0.20% Review
China, Cayman islands No, but 0.2% withdrawal None Review
UK 30% - Review
Unknown 0.15% 0.15% Review
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