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Buy Ethereum (ETH)



Launched in 2014 by Russian-Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum (ETH) is the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, after Bitcoin.


Inevitably, Ether is constantly compared to Bitcoin. Although the two share many similarities, they are driven by different purposes. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are powered by the principle of distributed ledgers and cryptography and can be used as an alternative to money. However, Ethereum’s primary purpose is to serve as open-ended decentralized software platform that facilitates Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications (ĐApps). Although Smart Contracts are still a new technology, those scripts of code have a wide range of potential to run applications in many different areas.


Ethereum token contracts (ERC-20) are probably among the most popular type of smart contracts. In fact, if you have some programming skills, you can create your own ERC20 token in hours. ERC20 tokens piggyback on the Ethereum network, hosted by Ethereum addresses and sent by Ethereum transactions. The benefits of creating a token as ERC-20 compliant is such that very few token contracts today are created any other way. No wonder Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) on the Ethereum blockchain have exploded lately. Some of the most popular ERC-20 tokens are: EOS (EOS), Tron (TRX), Qtum (QTM), and OmiseGO (OMG).



How to buy Ethereum (ETH)?


You can purchase Ethereum at any of cryptocurrency exchange that supports it and most of them do. Also, quite a few of them allow buying Ether directly with traditional currencies (USD, EUR, etc.) – Bitfinex, GDAX, Kraken, Coinbase, to name a few.


We suggest that you buy some Ethereum at Coinbase, as it is a major US licensed exchange that operates inmore than 30 countries. It supports convenient payment methods, has a transparent pricing structure and user-friendly platform that is very intuitive and easy to use.


So, here are the exact steps you need to follow in order to purchase Ethereum:


1. Register at Coinbase. Verify your account.



>>Buy Ethereum at Coinbase<<




Signing up for a Coinbase account takes just a couple of minutes. Before you deposit some fiat currency, you need to verify your identity, as is usually the case with most similar venues.


2. Deposit.


At Coinbase, you are able to deposit and withdraw via bank wire (SEPA included), credit / debit card (Visa and MasterCard), as well as PayPal. Transfers via cards and PayPal are instant, while bank wire payments may take up to several business days.


We suppose that connecting your credit card depositing with is the easiest and the fastest method. Card transfers at Coinbase are charged with 4% fee. If you are based in Europe, keep in mind that your card must support 3D Secure.


3. Exchange your fiat money for Ether.


4. Store it in a secure wallet.


Coinbase provides a Web-based wallet, but you can also send your Ethereum coins to a more secure hardware wallet (TREZOR or Ledger-type devices). Besides, you can also generate a wallet on MyEtherWallet.



Other options to trade in Ethereum


If you wish to avoid all complications that owning a coin involves (such as wallets, private and public keys and so on), you can use the services of forex brokers. Some of them, like eToro, offer a way to trade in Ethereum, without actually buying it. It is called Ethereum CFDs and has its advantages. First, it is simpler, as you only speculate on whether the its price will to move up or down. Second, you don’t have to invest large amounts of money, as with a forex broker you may use leverage (while most crypto exchanges do not support margin trading). Third, many of the brokers that offer Ethereum CFDs are licensed by the respective governmental agencies, while most exchanges still operate in the grey area.



>>Trade in Ethereum with a forex broker<<






Buy Ethereum (ETH)

Broker Country Deposit Fees Trading Fees Review
USA CC: 4% SEPA: Free 1.5% Review Website
Japan Wire: ¥324 CC: No info 0.15% Review
USA SEPA: free SWIFT: $10 0.26% Review
USA SEPA: free SWIFT: $10 0.25% Review
China Crypto only, free 0.03% Review
China Crypto only, free 0.10% Review
South Korea Wire: Free 0.10% Review
Japan Free 0% Review
Luxembourg CC: 5% Wire: 0.05% (7.5 EUR/USD Minimum); SEPA: Free 0.25% Review
USA Wire: Free Crypto: Free 0.25% Review
Japan, Singapore, Vietnam Wire: Free 0.25% Review
South Korea Wire: Free 0.20% Review
Hong Kong Crypto only, free 0.10% Review
China Crypto Only: Free 0.15% Review
Australia no fee 0% Review
USA Approx. 1.8% - Review
South Korea Wire: Free 0.15% Review
Malta, Italy SEPA: €2.5, Crypto: 0.01% 0.2% Review
Australia $3 to $50 0.50% Review
China 0% – 0.2% Review
Decentralized Crypto: Free; CC: 27% 0.003 WAVES Review
USA ACH Direct:1.99% CC:5.99% - Review
Cyprus - 2.5% Review
BVI Wire: 0.1%, min $20 0.20% Review
Singapore Crypto: Free; CC:Unspecified 0.20% Review
UK Crypto only, free 0.10% Review
China 0.6% + Markup - Review
Japan No No Review
Switzerland Uses external wallets - Review
Singapore Crypto: Free 0.10% Review
China Crypto: Free 0.20% Review
Singapore, UAE 0.125% + $8 0.25% Review
Unknown Crypto only, free 0.10% Review
Poland CC: 5% Wire: free 0.43% Review
US Crypto only, free 0.2% Review
Canada EFT: 2.5% Wire: Free 0.5% Review
3.99% (cards only) 1.05% for BTC Review
Australia POLi: $3.30 0.22% Review
Hong Kong SEPA: Free HKD: 50HKD 0.35% Review
Ukraine Undisclosed 0.25% Review
Indonesia Free 0.3% Review
Hong Kong No 0.1% Review
Thailand - 0.25% Review
Japan Free 0.05% Review
Mexico - 0.10% - 1.00% Review
N/A Gas fee 0.2% taker, 0.1% maker Review
UK SEPA: 1 EUR 0.25% Review
Taiwan - 0% Review
Turkey - 0.15% Review
Honh Kong, UK No 0.1% Taker Review
N/A - 0.1% Review
Taiwan - 0.1% Review
Turkey Free 0.30% Review
N/A unspecified 0.15% taker Review
N/A Unclear Review
Canada no 0.2% Review
India Review
US - gas only Review
Hing Kong - 0.2% Taker;0.1% Maker Review
Chile Bank Transfer: Free 0.80% Review
Turkey Bank Transfer: Free 0.15% Review
Russia Unknown 0.30% Review
Hong Kong Crypto Only: Free 0.20% Review
Cayman Islands, US Crypto only, free 0% Review
India up to 2% for fiat; 0.001 BTC 0.3% Taker Review
Decentralized - - Review
Bulgaria 3% - Review
UK CC: 3.5% Wire: Free 0.20% Review
Singapore Crypto: free, 0.20% Review
UK no 1% Sell fee Review
UK 0.02% Taker Review
N/A No 0.20% Taker Review
N/A gas 0.3% Taker Review
- 0.65% Taker; 0.35% Maker Review
Brazil 0.5% BRL (fiat only) 0.35% Review
India - 0.10% – 0.25% Review
Hong Kong Wire: Free 0.20% Review
N/A 0.3% Review
India Bank Transfer: Free 1% Review
N/A 0.10% Maker; 0.24% Taker Review
South Korea No 0.01% Review
Malta, US gas 0.15% Review
Austria 1% SEPA; 2% CC up to 0.50% Review
Slovakia N/A 0,05% Review
Hong Kong Crypto only, free 0.30% Review
South Korea Free 0.1% Review
Thailand No 0.25% Review
N/A - unspecified Review
Turkey - 0.20% Review
UK no 0.1% Review
Ukraine 2.75% (fiat) 0.1% Review
Hong Kong Review
Singapore Crypto: free 0.20% Review
0,15% Review
Australia Review
Poland 1.8% -1.9% (Dotpay & Homepay) up to 0.3% Review
Mongolia N/A 0.2% Review
Taiwan No factored into the price Review
Australia Depends on the payment method 0.75% Taker; 0.25% Maker Review
China No 0.25% Taker Review
1% + 5 UAH (for fiat) 0.25% Review
USA Crypto only, free 0.25% Review
US, Russia 0.0001 BTC 0.1% Review
N/A Varies 0.18% Review
UAE No 0.2% Review
Hong Kong, Russia up to 4.9% 0.10% Maker; 0.18% Taker Review
Russia, Belize network 0.1% Review
South Korea No 0.25% Review
India 10 INR 0.59% Maker; 1.18% Taker Review
US No 0.25% Taker Review
Russia Up to 3.3% 0.2% Review
South Korea No Max 0.1% Review
Seychelles, China no 0.2% Review
Denmark - miner only Review
Chile No 0.07% - 0.29% Review
China no 0.1% Taker Review
China No up to 0.3% Review
Russia? Up to 2% 0.15% Review
Singapore Crypto: free; CNY not clear 0.20% Review
UK, Russia 3.00 % (AdcCash) 0.10 – 0.20% Review
India - 1.00% Review
China, Cayman islands No, but 0.2% withdrawal None Review
UK Not specified 0.20% Review
Hing Kong No in the spread Review
Singapore Free 0.10% Review
Unknown Up to 6% 0.20% Review
Unknown Varies 0.25% Review
UK 30% - Review
Payeer: 0% Wire: 5%+$22 0.20% Review
Singapore No info 0.2% Review
Unknown Crypto only, free 0.30% Review
BVI Crypto Only: Free 1% Review
Australia Unspecified 0.20% Review
Japan Free 0.15% Review
UK SEPA and CC: Free 1% Review
China - 0.15% Review
Unknown 0.15% 0.15% Review

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