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Bitcoin exchanges accepting bank transfers

Getting involved with Bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies in general) isn’t as easy as you may think. In order to do so, you must go through a cryptocurrency exchange, which accepts real money (fiat currencies).


One way is to buy coins directly, via an exchange which supports credit card payments, but you may want to make a bank transfer to a given exchange instead. The main reason for doing so are the potentially lower fees. That being said there are a few details which you should know:


First and foremost, bank transfers are not instant. This means it may take several business days before your payment reaches the destination. Be sure to check out if the funds are going to your fiat currency sub-account with the exchange, or you will be getting Bitcoin directly. Most of the companies accepting bank transfers, support the first option (which is the opposite to credit card payments). This allows you to start trading at your own pace, instead of receiving Bitcoin at a price, involving some sort of mark-up.



Even though an exchange may not take any fees on bank transfers, the banks involved in the process will. This includes all of them who participate in the transaction, so if you are sending money to an exchange, located in another country, the commissions may skyrocket. If you were to add a (fiat) currency conversion, you may reach the point at which the higher credit card fees are an acceptable alternative.


The regional specifics don’t end here. There are several banking systems, which can provide a relatively fast and cheap transfer.


For the European Union this is the SEPA system. It allows bank transfers to be executed within 1-3 days (sometimes even hours, depending on the particular banks involved). As we mentioned, with our experience with Bitstamp, the only fees we paid were at our local bank and we received the money within 24 hours.


The Faster Payments System (FPS) in the UK, allows for transactions to be done within minutes. However fewer (and only UK-based) banks participate in it.


With that in mind, not all crypto-exchanges accept fiat currency payments, regardless of the payment method. If you are only looking to speculatively trade Bitcoin or Ethereum, you may be better off with a forex broker, offering these products. One of the key advantages they have, is the fact you can deposit funds via instant e-wallets, such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. Keep in mind, forex brokers are best suited for short-term speculative trading, while exchanges are a better option for long-term investing.


Here is a list of cryptocurrency exchanges, accepting bank transfers:



Bitcoin exchanges accepting bank transfers

Broker Country Regulation Trading Fees Deposit Fees Review
USA NY BitLicense 1.5% CC: 4% SEPA: Free Review Website
Japan JFSA, NY BitLicense 0.15% Wire: ¥324 CC: No info Review
USA N/A 0.26% SEPA: free SWIFT: $10 Review
USA NY BitLicense 0.25% SEPA: free SWIFT: $10 Review
USA NYDFS 0.20% SEPA: €3.70 SWIFT: $40 Review
Hong Kong, UK N/A 0.1% Only for fiat Review
South Korea N/A 0.10% Wire: Free Review
Japan JFSA 0% Free Review
Luxembourg CSSF 0.25% CC: 5% Wire: 0.05% (7.5 EUR/USD Minimum); SEPA: Free Review
China N/A 0.20% Wire: 0.1% Review
USA US Trust regulation 0.25% Wire: Free Crypto: Free Review
Japan, Singapore, Vietnam JFSA 0.25% Wire: Free Review
South Korea N/A 0.20% Wire: Free Review
BVI N/A Up to 0.1% Maker; up to 0.2% Taker 0.1% for Bank Wire only Review
Germany N/A 1.00% SEPA: free Review
Netherlands N/A 2.00% Wire: €2.50 CC: No info Review
New Zealand N/A - No info Review
Austria N/A No info CC, Neteller: No fee info Review
UK N/A 0.35% SEPA: 1 EUR Review
South Korea N/A 0% Free Review
Australia N/A 0% no fee Review
UK N/A 0% $10+0.38% Review
South Korea None 0.15% Wire: Free Review
Malta, Italy N/A 0.2% SEPA: €2.5, Crypto: 0.01% Review
UK None 0% N/A Review
Poland N/A 0.16% SEPA: €1.50 Review
Australia AUSTRAC 0.50% $3 to $50 Review
China N/A 0% – 0.2% Review
China, Hong Kong N/A 0.1% - Review
Decentralized N/A 0.003 WAVES Crypto: Free; CC: 27% Review
Australia N/A - 1% Review
USA N/A - ACH Direct:1.99% CC:5.99% Review
Norway N/A 1% $3,5 + 1% Review
Canada N/A 0.20% Bank draft: 0.25% Flexepin: 2.5%; Credit Card:10% Review
Brazil N/A 0.50% Free Review
Belize N/A 1.5% € Wire: Free; E-wallet: 2% Review
UK FCA registered EMD Agent 0.20% Maker; 0.35% taker No Review
Brazil 0.50% Wire: Free Review
Australia N/A - 5% Review
Turkey N/A 0.50% Unknown Review
Isle of Man N/A 1.00% CC: 5% Neteller: 5% Review
Switzerland VFSC No info No info Review
China N/A 0.20% Crypto: Free Review
Japan JFSA Withdrawal fees only - Review
Singapore, UAE N/A 0.25% 0.125% + $8 Review
Poland None 0.25% Wire: $5 max Review
Poland None 0.43% CC: 5% Wire: free Review
N/A Min 0.0003 BTC No info Review
UK N/A 7% No info Review
Seychelles None 1% No info Review
Canada None 0.5% EFT: 2.5% Wire: Free Review
Australia N/A - 3% Review
Finland None 1% Vary Review
Australia None 0% 0% Review
UK N/A 0.2 – 0.3% Taker fee 3.5% for cards Review
Hong Kong MSO license 0.35% SEPA: Free HKD: 50HKD Review
Netherlands None 1% 0.5% SEPA Review
Belize N/A 0.5% CC: $9.95+3% Wire: Free Review
UK None 0.2% CC: 6% SEPA: €25 Review
SVG N/A 0.20% Wire: up to 5% Review
Indonesia None 0.3% Free Review
France None 0.59% Free Review
USA None 2% N/A Review
UK Money Service Business 0% 0% Review
Canada 0.30% Wire: $25 Cash: 1% Review
Netherlands None N/A N/A Review
Brazil N/A 0.70% Wire: 1.99% + 2 R$ Review
Thailand N/A 0.25% - Review
Japan N/A 0.05% Free Review
Mexico N/A 0.10% - 1.00% - Review
Japan Japan FSA 0.1%-0.04% No info Review
Turkey N/A 0.15% - Review
Turkey N/A 0.30% Free Review
India None Review
Chile N/A 0.80% Bank Transfer: Free Review
Turkey N/A 0.15% Bank Transfer: Free Review
Poland N/A 0.30% Wire: Free Review
India N/A 0.3% Taker up to 2% for fiat; 0.001 BTC Review
UK Payments Provider 0.20% CC: 3.5% Wire: Free Review
UK None 0.2% Varies Review
South Africa N/A 0.8% BTC - 0; ZAR 0.5% Review
Peru N/A 0.5% 0.5-2.5% for fiat Review
Vietnam None 0.25-0.5% Varies Review
UK N/A 1% Sell fee no Review
China N/A 0.50% 3.95% USD (bank wire) Review
India None 0.4% N/A Review
Registered as a financial services provider in NZ 0.65% Taker; 0.35% Maker - Review
UK N/A 0.9% up to 5% Review
Turkey N/A 0.40% Wire: Free Review
Brazil N/A 0.35% 0.5% BRL (fiat only) Review
Croatia N/A 0.29%Taker EUR 10 (SEPA and SWIFT) Review
India N/A 0.10% – 0.25% - Review
Brazil N/A 0.03% Maker; 0.40% Taker Review
Hong Kong N/A 0.20% Wire: Free Review
France 3-11.9% Varies Review
India N/A 1% Bank Transfer: Free Review
UK N/A - - Review
Austria up to 0.50% 1% SEPA; 2% CC Review
Vietnam N/A 0.25% - Review
Slovakia No 0,05% N/A Review
Singapore N/A 0.90% Wire: Free Review
Malaysia N/A 0.50% Wire: Free Review
Netherlands N/A 0.25% No info Review
Malaysia N/A 0.80% Wire: Free Review
Singapore N/A 0.30% Maker; 0.60% Taker Review
Australia None 1% Varies Review
Czech Republic None 0.2% Varies Review
Singapore None 0.6% Varies Review
Canada FINTRAC registration In spread Varies Review
N/A None Varies Varies Review
France None 6-10% Varies Review
India None 0.7% Dynamic Review
South Korea None 0.1% Free Review
Turkey N/A 0.20% - Review
Venezuela N/A 1.59% Wire: 1.95% to 2.95% Review
Denmark N/A 0.0001 BTC 3% card; 0.25% wire Review
Seychelles, Poland N/A 0% - 0.15% Maker; 0.30% – 0.45% Taker 2 EUR (SEPA only) Review
Chile, Argentina N/A 0.35% - 0.70% 0.7% Review
Singapore N/A up to 0.35% 3% (Perfect Money), 3.5% (Skrill) + 5.00 SGD or 8 USD (for fiat) Review
Taiwan N/A factored into the price No Review
SVG None Varies Varies Review
New Zealand N/A 0.20% No info Review
Netherlands None No info SEPA: €0.61 GiroPay: 2.5% Review
Japan FSA 0% ¥ Wire: Free USD Wire: $25 Review
UK None - CC: 5+5% PM: $4+3% Review
UK None 1% Wire: Free Review
New Zealand NZ FSPR 0.8% taker, 0.4% maker N/A Review
N/A None 0.18% Varies Review
Austria None 3.9% Varies Review
USA None N/A N/A Review
New Zealand Pending 1% N/A Review
UK N/A 0.2% – 0.3% 0.00053 BTC Review
South Korea N/A Max 0.1% No Review
Argentina, Chile N/A 0.5% $10 (fiat) Review
Chile N/A 0.7% taker no Review
Turkey N/A 0.40% Free Review
US FinCen registration 5%-10% Review
the Philippines N/A 0.65%- 1.00% Not specified Review
US, Philippines N/A spread mark-up vary Review
Russia? 0.15% Up to 2% Review
No 0,50% Review
South Africa None 1% No info Review
N/A 0 1% BTC Review
UK N/A 0.20% Not specified Review
Nigeria, UK N/A 1% Taker Review
Malaysia N/A 0.20% Wire: Free Review
Hong Kong N/A 0.6% Taker; 0.3% Maker No Review
Singapore N/A 0.10% Free Review
UK N/A 0.2% Taker Withdrawal fees only Review
Hing Kong N/A 0.3% 2% (cash & bank) Review
Unknown N/A 0.25% Varies Review
USA N/A - Varies Review
UK N/A - 30% Review
N/A 0.20% Payeer: 0% Wire: 5%+$22 Review
Belize None 1% No info Review
Singapore None 0.2% No info Review
Ireland N/A 0.15% maker, 0.25% taker Review
USA? None Varies Varies Review
Japan N/A 0.15% Free Review
UK N/A 1% SEPA and CC: Free Review
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