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TradoLogic reveals binary options trading tools

Oct 31 2011

TradoLogic, the world’s leading Binary Options platform provider has publicly revealed its trading tools, and has given a sneak preview of the tools that are still patent pending. TradoLogic’s trading tools allow for a richer trading experience, adding variety and excitement to the Binary Option trading game that is taking the online world by storm.

Binary Option trading has become very popular for many reasons, one of which is the simplicity and ease in which the trade is carried out. The TradoLogic team realized that they could revolutionize the trading experience by adding various trading tools that although simple, will enhance the overall experience.
The simple method of trading Binary Options, is where the trader must decide whether an Asset (such as Gold), will be above (Call) or below (Put) the current price (Strike price) by the end of a predetermined time (Expiry time). If the trader guesses correctly he receives a return on his investment (up to 191%) and if the trader is incorrect he loses his investment (the reward and risk are known in advance). The trader is also shown the Asset’s behavior prior to the trade.
TradoLogic’s existing trading tools, that are offered uniquely to their brands’ end-users, include:
-           ‘Take Profit’, which enables traders that are ‘in the money’ to stop an option before it expires in order to realize their profits;
-          ‘Stop Loss’, that enables traders that are ‘out of the money’ to stop an option before it expires in order to curb their losses;
-          ‘Extend’ (or Roll Over), enabling traders to extend the expiration time of a particular option after entering a trade;
-          ‘Double’, enabling traders to double their investment on an open option which looks poised to make a profit, allowing them to receive a double payout on expiry, if the initial prediction was correct.
TradoLogic’s trading tools that are currently patent pending include:
-          ‘Auto-trade’ (or Roller), giving traders the possibility to instruct the system to continue executing the same trade sequentially. The trade can be executed up to five times, each time adding the previous trade’s profit to the following trade’s initial investment. The trades will continue as long as the trade does not go in the opposite direction, therefore exhausting the funds.
-          ‘Insurance’, that enables traders to purchase an ‘insurance policy’ which, in the event a particular contract expires ‘out of the money’, guarantees a refund of the original investment;
-          ‘Split’, allowing traders to split their investment, rolling over part of the initial option into another option, prior to expiry time while maintaining control of potential risks to the downside;
-          ‘Reverse’ (or Opposite), enabling traders to change their speculation to the opposite direction (i.e. switch a Call to a Put) while retaining the option’s original premium and payout parameters and using the current price as the new strike level;  
-          ‘Split Reverse’, allowing traders to split their investment, rolling over part of the initial option into another option, which is in the opposite direction relative to the original one (for example split a Call option to Call and Put, so that the new option will retain the initial payout parameters, but use the current price as the new strike level).
The newest addition to TradoLogic’s tools, the ‘Knock In’ tool, which allows the trader to place a pending order whereby the trader can specify his desired direction (Call/Put), investment amount and strike price. The system will only carry out the order provided it reaches the specified Strike price, otherwise the order can be cancelled, allowing the trader to automate the process of trading and remain in the market while physically being elsewhere;
Binary Option trading is increasing in popularity and so TradoLogic is aware of the emerging competition trying to cater to the growing demand. The TradoLogic team is ensuring that they secure their place at the forefront by innovating and developing, as they continuously conjure new and exciting features for their brands’ end users


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