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FxPro abandons its SuperTrader social platform

Aug 23 2017 07:57:01 Jonathan Smith in Brokers

Obviously, major European forex broker FxPro no longer offers its social trading platform SuperTrader. Read more

FxPro's SuperTrader Marks 67% Successful New Traders

Feb 06 2014 12:54:33 in Brokers

FxPro, the Forex broker operating from the UK and Cyprus, today announced key operating metrics of its SuperTrader social trading network. The set of results is, as usual, strong, with the percentage of profitable investors and the size of the returns remaining solid in January 2014. Read more

FxPro Explains How SuperTrader Strategies are Selected

Jan 16 2014 07:39:28 in Signals

FxPro, the Forex broker operating out of the UK and Cyprus, has recently boasted a great proportion of profitable investors on its social trading platform SuperTrader, raising the question on how it picks the strategies that offer such success to copiers of signals. Read more

FxPro's SuperTrader Boasts 53% Profitable Investors

Jan 08 2014 06:56:17 in Brokers

FxPro, the Forex broker operating from the UK and Cyprus, has reported some key financial metrics for its social trading platform SuperTrader, with the majority of users registering profits. Read more

2013 in Review: FxPro

Dec 23 2013 09:00:00 in Brokers

As the winter festivities kick in and we gradually approach the end of 2013, it's time to take a look at what happened over the past year and give some appreciation to the Forex brokers that have shown very dynamic performance and remarkable achievements. Read more

FxPro Secures Award for Best Forex Trading Platform

Dec 04 2013 13:29:30 in Brokers

FxPro, the Cyprus-based Forex broker, has won another esteemed award: the readers of the Financial Times and the Investors Chronicle chose to bestow the company with the title for Best Forex Trading Platform. Read more

FXPro Gets Award for Excellence in Forex Services

Oct 10 2013 06:40:54 in Brokers

FXPro, the leading Forex broker, has obtained recognition for all of its efforts to beef up the variety and quality of its offering, as the company secured the award for Excellence in Forex Services at the fourth edition of the IAIR Awards. Read more

FXPro's SuperTrader - New Social Forex Trading Platform?

Oct 08 2013 15:00:00 in Brokers

In case you have visited the website of leading forex broker FXPro recently, you could not have missed a big announcement about the upcoming launch of SuperTrader: a text message tells us that trading is changing and then there are the clocks for the countdown before the start of whatever Sup... Read more

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