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Research: Cnh-Cny Spreads Remain too Wide at the Long-End

Mar 09 2012 13:31:28 in Market

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research: -The widening of CNH-CNY spreads on the back of capital outflows and breach of HK's Yuan quarterly conversion quota of CNY 4bn, has normalised at the short-end of the curve but remains at the wide for 6mth onwards. Read more

InterTrader cuts spreads, USD/JPY fixed at just 0.8 pips

Feb 23 2012 22:04:16 in Brokers, a FSA UK regulated spread betting and CFD provider, today announced sweeping spread cuts across its range of currency markets. The cuts take effect from Wednesday 23rd February, significantly reducing the cost of trading on over 30 forex pairs. Read more

Research: Positive Relationship Between Gbp/sek and Rate Spreads Remains Relatively Tight

Feb 20 2012 12:33:29 in Market

Quotes from RBS: -The positive relationship between GBP/SEK and rate spreads remains relatively tight, particularly so for 2-year rates. Read more

Research: Ca US Spreads Still Matter to Usd/cad

Feb 17 2012 09:01:08 in Market

Quotes from RBC Capital Markets: -Though rates are low and neither the BoC nor the Fed will be part of active discussions on policy tightening for several months, CA-US 2yr swap spreads continue characterize quite well the overall direction of USD/CAD. Read more

Research: US Credit Markets Deserve Much of the Recent Tightening in Spreads

Feb 08 2012 12:31:04 in Market

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research: -We believe that the US credit markets deserve much of the recent tightening in spreads but that the European markets do not. Read more

Research: 2 Year Swap Spreads Remain One of the Key Drivers for G10 Gbp Crosses

Feb 06 2012 12:31:03 in Market

Quotes from RBS: -2 year swap spreads remain one of the key drivers for G10 GBP crosses; however over the past month there has been a weakening in the correlations. Read more

Research: Eur/usd Put Spreads Remain Attractive

Jan 31 2012 13:31:05 in Market

Quotes from Barclays Capital: -The EUR has been weaker than we had projected in December. The most important factor, in our view, is looser monetary conditions due to ECB actions, especially the LTRO. Read more

Research: Rate Spreads Likely to be Less of a Driver for Eur/gbp

Jan 25 2012 12:31:04 in Market

Quotes from RBS: -With interest rates in UK and the Euro area likely to stay at low levels through this year and 2013 as well, rate spreads are likely to be less of a driver for EUR/GBP than they have been historically. Read more

Research: Swap Spreads Remain a Key Driver for G10 Gbp Crosses

Jan 23 2012 12:31:03 in Market

Quotes from RBS: -Swap spreads remain a key driver for G10 GBP crosses. 2 year spreads continue to have a stronger correlation than 5yr spreads with the exception of GBP/SEK. Read more

Research: US 2y/5y Swap Spreads Likely to Widen in Q1-2012

Jan 09 2012 13:31:03 in Market

Quotes from Standard Chartered: -In terms of shorter dated yields, we expect US 2Y/5Y swap spreads to widen in Q1-2012. Read more

Research: 10y Italian and Spanish Spreads Could Tighten Gradually Over 2012

Dec 22 2011 15:31:05 in Market

Quotes from Barclays Capital: -We expect 2012 to most likely be a bumpy year for core peripheral spreads again. We think 10y Italian and Spanish spreads could tighten gradually over 2012, with absolute yields in Italy and Spain in the 10y area moving down to about 4.5-5.00%. Read more

Research: Interest Rate Spreads can Continue to Move in Gbp's Favour Against the Eur

Dec 05 2011 14:31:35 in Market

Quotes from RBS: -The deviation between EUR/GBP and fair value has narrowed. The recent coordinated central bank action provided some relief to financial markets, helping to drive fair value estimates higher. Read more

Saxo Bank ready to negotiate spreads with high volume traders

Nov 24 2011 13:24:29 in Brokers

Saxo Bank, the global forex and CFD broker that was awarded for Best active trading tools at the Shares awards 2011, continues to encourage active traders. Now high volume individual traders can negotiate spreads with the Danish bank, that not long ago opened offices in Russia and Belgium. Read more

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