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XTB fined $2.7 million by Poland’s financial regulator

Sep 19 2018 11:31:55 Jonathan Smith in Brokers

  The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) punished X-Trade Brokers (XTB) with a PLN 9.9 million ($2.7 million) fine for asymmetric price slippage on Tuesday. Read more

FXCM publishes impressive slippage and spread statistics

Jun 21 2017 10:59:58 Jonathan Smith in Brokers

Major forex brokerage FXCM disclosed spread and slippage statistics on Wednesday, according to which the average spread on EUR/USD amounted to 0.2 pips for Q1 of 2017. In addition, the data reveal that 31. Read more

FxPro’s orders executed with positive slippage continue to dominate in Q3

Oct 20 2016 13:13:17 in Brokers

Keeping in line with its commitment to transparency, major brokerage FxPro announced trades execution statistics for the third quarter of 2016 on Thursday. According to the data provided, orders executed with positive slippage for this period amounted to 36.23%. Read more

FxPro execution statistics for Q2 2016: Positive slippage continues to grow, requotes shrink further

Aug 22 2016 13:10:11 in Brokers

Keeping in line with its transparency policy, leading EU broker FxPro has reported key execution statistics for the second quarter of 2016, ending June 30. Read more

Forex broker FXTM reports order executions statistics

Jun 16 2016 12:48:28 in Brokers

  International award-winning forex broker, FXTM, has taken another step towards satisfying the market’s demand for full trading transparency by publishing its monthly trading statistics and customer service data on its website. Read more

FxPro announces slippage and requotes statistics for Q4 2015

Jan 14 2016 14:48:17 in Brokers

Keeping in line with its transparency policy, UK-based broker FxPro has reported its slippage and re-quote statistics for the fourth quarter of 2015, ending December 31. For Q4 2015, FxPro’s orders executed with negative slippage rose to 24. Read more

FxPro execution: 83% of orders executed at requested or better price in Q3

Oct 29 2015 16:07:27 in Brokers

Though the increased market volatility during the last three months, only 17% of all orders have received negative slippage. Read more

FxPro announces order execution and slippage statistics for Q2 2015

Jul 09 2015 12:07:44 in Brokers

UK regulated forex broker executes the vast majority of client orders at the requested or better price, providing traders with true STP trading environment. Read more

Dunaevssk: ZuluTrade's 8th Most Capitalized Forex Trader

Feb 10 2014 09:14:15 in Signals

Today we'll be reviewing Dunaevssk, currently the eighth most capitalized signal provider on social Forex trading platform ZuluTrade. Read more

How to Calculate Forex Transaction Costs?

Jan 10 2014 12:23:42 in Market

When it comes to trading Forex, we would all like to know how much would this cost to our health and wallet. And while there are certain institutions taking care of our health, it is up to websites like Forexbrokerz. Read more

Greeniee: The Number 2 Forex Trader on ZuluTrade

Sep 10 2013 09:06:45 in Signals

Today we'll be examining Greeniee: the current number 2 signal provider (SP) in the comprehensive ranking of ZuluTrade, our favorite social FX trading network. Read more

T.C.Y. Forex System: One of the Best on Zulutrade

Jul 19 2013 11:00:11 in Signals

Today we'll be dealing with the T.C.Y. system - a signal provider (SP) that has been hovering along the top places of Zulutrade recently. At this moment, this SP is at the third place of the comprehensive ranking, with 953 followers and $761,546 of entrusted capital. Read more

The Most Aggressive Forex Scalper: Review of Fast Scalping EA

Jun 10 2013 13:34:47 in Expert Advisors

Read the scam alert about this robot.   We haven't reviewed an Indian Forex robot so far and that is why when I came upon the Fast Scalping expert advisor (EA), developed by Jagannath Behera, I didn't hesitate a bit that this would be my next target for detailed examination. Read more

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