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Flex Expert Advisor: That's the Martingale Rock

Apr 18 2014 07:33:44 in Expert Advisors

Today we'll be reviewing a very profitable expert advisor - the Flex EA, which however uses rather risky, gambling methods to deliver these gains. Read more

Caesar Expert Advisor: It Came, It Traded, It Profited

Apr 15 2014 09:41:41 in Expert Advisors

Today we are undertaking a very interesting review – we'll be looking at the Caesar expert advisor, which as you see has a well-known name. Even if you've never been interested in the history of Rome or philosophy, you must have heard the phrase “Veni. Vidi. Vici. Read more

Forex inControl EA: Keeping Grip on Drawdown isn't Easy

Apr 14 2014 07:05:53 in Expert Advisors

Today in our section for expert advisor reviews we'll be exploring Forex inControl, a robot that aims to keep a tight lid on all risky aspects of trading while being the phenomenon and the main trend of 2014. Read more

Scientific Gridder: The Conservative Gambling Forex Robot

Apr 11 2014 12:38:37 in Expert Advisors

Today we'll be reviewing the Scientific Gridder expert advisor (EA) – a piece of software that aims to solve the complex task of delivering solid profits, while keeping risks under control. Read more

The Best Scalper Expert Advisor: Really?

Apr 07 2014 09:21:13 in Expert Advisors

When we reviewed the Smart Pips expert advisor, we mentioned that cheap scalpers are hard to find, especially if it comes to ones with history on real accounts. Read more

Easy Walker EA: Very Profitable Scalper

Mar 24 2014 13:01:24 in Expert Advisors

Today we'll be reviewing a newcomer to the field of commercial expert advisors (EAs) – the Easy Walker robot, which is a scalper that has so far managed to show some solid results. To help us in our review, there are a raft of real accounts to which the robot has been applied on Myfxbook. Read more

Matrix Expert Advisor: AutoTrade's New Profitable Entry

Mar 06 2014 10:29:21 in Expert Advisors

As a subject of today's review we've selected Matrix - an automated trading system which is a newcomer to AutoTrade, the signal copying service of Myfxbook. Read more, Manchester City FC Team Up for Charity Causes

Feb 26 2014 13:17:17 in Brokers

We have grown accustomed to talk of numbers and financial data when it comes to one of the world's leading Forex brokers –, but today we'll take a look at the activities of the US company from a rather different angle. FOREX. Read more

FX Safe Profit Expert Advisor: Risk Leading to Stable Gains

Feb 11 2014 11:24:18 in Expert Advisors

Today we'll be reviewing the FX Safe Profit expert advisor (EA) and I'm in a hurry to say that the name of this robot is somewhat ironic given the risky trading method used. Read more

sPhantom EA Depletes Live Account with Two Trades

Feb 03 2014 07:29:45 in Expert Advisors

It was less than three months ago that we had a look at the sPhantom expert advisor, a Forex robot that impressed us with its ability to deliver high gains while treading slowly in the market. Read more

Ascent Expert Advisor: A Breakout Bot in Trouble

Jan 22 2014 11:19:06 in Expert Advisors

Today we'll be exploring the Ascent expert advisor (EA), with the main reason behind the review being that we haven't checked out the fortunes of a breakout bot for quite some time. Read more

Profit Empire EA: Hefty Gains Come at a Price

Jan 14 2014 14:20:56 in Expert Advisors

Today we'll be reviewing one more expert advisor (EA) which claims to bring you profits while you perform your daily routine tasks. Read more

Another Strong Contender on AutoTrade: 4Uforex-x5-FXCM

Dec 17 2013 11:00:09 in Signals

Today we'll be looking at 4Uforex-x5-FXCM, a manual trading system that currently ranks eighth on Myfxbook's AutoTrade, the signal copying network. Read more

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