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Research: Corporates With Future Cny Payables can Hedge in Offshore Spot and Deliverable Forward Markets

Oct 18 2011 14:31:32 in Market

Quotes from Standard Chartered:-Overseas investors and corporations play markedly different roles in the CNH market. Overseas investors holding CNH-denominated assets have exposure to the 'general-purpose' USD-CNH spot rate. Read more

Research: Volatility in Both Onshore and Offshore Cny Markets Has Gone up Sharply

Oct 17 2011 13:31:10 in Market

Quotes from RBS:-Volatility in both onshore and offshore CNY markets has gone up sharply as market participants are getting worried that China might abandon its erstwhile gradual appreciation policy amid growing signs of stress in the country's banking, property and SME sectors. Read more

New Zealand Offshore Holdings of Govt Debt unchanged in Sept – Rbnz

Oct 14 2011 03:06:04 in Market

News: Off-shore holding of NZ govt debt by non-resident was largely flat at 59.6 percent at the end of September, compared with 60.0 percent a month earlier Offshore holdings of bonds rose to 62.9 pct from 62.5 pct while offshore holdings of Treasury bills fell to 38.2 pct from 43. Read more

Hong Kong to Double Quota for Yuan Offshore Trade to Ease Liquidity Squeeze

Oct 03 2011 03:10:02 in Market

News HK authorities have increased the size of offshore Yuan settle to $1. Read more

China To Back London As Offshore Yuan Trading Center: Report

Sep 08 2011 05:51:01 in Market

China is likely to give formal backing to efforts by British banks to establish a yuan offshore trading center in London, the Financial Times reported Thursday, quoting UK government officials. Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan is scheduled to meet U.K. Read more

Uk Expects Chinese Support for London As Offshore Centre for Yuan Trade

Sep 08 2011 01:10:01 in Market

News George Osborne expects support by china's premiere Wang Qishan for approving London as an offshore yuan trading centre apart from only other centre Hong Kong China has advanced Yuan as a currency to settle international trade since 2008 fincial crisis and shas signed many bilateral agreem... Read more

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