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FxPro reducеs margins for certain MXN, CHF forex pairs

Nov 15 2016 12:49:11 in Brokers

As of today, 15 November, UK forex broker FxPro raises the leverage for some currency pairs with the Mexican peso (MXN) and the Swiss franc (CHF) to 1:500. This is the maximum leverage ratio offered by the broker and of course, FxPro’s dynamic leverage model applies to it. Read more

MasterForex Launches Trading with South African Rand

Dec 09 2013 07:32:55 in Brokers

MasterForex, the Forex broker which is a part of  financial group MFX Holding, has added two pairs with the South African Rand (ZAR) to its line-up of trading instruments. Read more

Fxw Research: Hunt of Yield Continues to Drive Aud, Cad, Mxn Slowly Higher

Nov 27 2012 08:31:03 in Market

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research: -The Greeks have yet another bailout deal. The UK has a new (Canadian) central bank Governor. LDP Leader Shinzo Abe said bold monetary easing will correct yen strength. Read more

Research: Drivers Relatively more Supportive of Mxn in Latam Region

Nov 16 2012 10:01:02 in Market

Quotes from RBS: -All four currencies in Latin America appear fairly valued. That said, the drivers are relatively more supportive of MXN where only sharply falling productivity appears to be weighing on valuation. Read more

Research: Mxn Is Bullish

Oct 26 2012 10:01:04 in Market

Quotes from Barclays Capital: -MXN is bullish. The MXN has room to appreciate as Banxico seems unlikely to intervene in the currency market. To minimize the trade's volatility, we fund with a basket. -Long MXN vs. volatility minimizing basket 60% EUR, 40% USD. Read more

Research: Long Cad, Mxn Against Eur and Jpy

Sep 03 2012 09:01:04 in Market

Quotes from Barclays Capital: -Long CAD, MXN against EUR and JPY (equal weighted): An upside surprise to NFP should be supportive of the CAD and MXN, while EUR and JPY tend to be the currencies which have historically underperformed during upside NFP surprises. Read more

Research: Mxn Remains Significantly Undervalued

Aug 03 2012 15:01:04 in Market

Quotes from HSBC Global Research: -The MXN remains significantly undervalued. Domestic growth is holding up relatively well and the currency's cheapness is attracting larger FDI flows. Read more

Research: Mxn a Proxy for Em Risk

Aug 02 2012 12:01:04 in Market

Quotes from Standard Chartered: -MXN saw substantial volatility in 2H-2011 to 1H-2012, especially with Banxico generally reluctant to intervene; due to its liquidity and transparency, the MXN is used as a proxy for risk aversion.The material has been provided by Instaforex Company - instaforex. Read more

Research: a Weaker Trend in US Growth Could Delay Any Prospects of a Medium-Term Recovery in Mxn

Jun 26 2012 12:31:13 in Market

Quotes from RBS: -Weaker than expected economic data out of the US again this month is no doubt a concern for Mexican assets primarily given the pull-back in US industrial production in May led by the manufacturing sector as well as declines in automobile production. Read more

Research: Strong Local Demand for Mexican Assets and Growth in Mexico Should Help the Mxn Rebound

Jun 20 2012 10:31:03 in Market

Quotes from Barclays Capital: -Several currencies have sold off more than market drivers (risk reversals, equity betas, valuation, carry) would otherwise suggest. Read more

Research: Mxn Medium-Term Outlook

Jun 12 2012 15:01:02 in Market

Quotes from RBC Capital Markets: -MXN has experienced notable weakness over the past two to three months, easily surpassing its weakest point of 2011. On a valuations basis, in nominal and real terms, MXN remains the cheapest currency in LATAM and one of the most undervalued in EM. Read more

Research: Mxn Short-Term Outlook

Jun 11 2012 12:31:07 in Market

Quotes from RBC Capital Markets: -USD/MXN traded past its late-2011 highs, reaching 14.38 in late May as concerns continued to intensify over Eurozone financial and political risks along with deteriorating global economic data. Read more

Research: Mxn Still Seems Excessively Weak at Current Levels

Jun 08 2012 13:31:03 in Market

Quotes from HSBC Global Research: -The MXN remains the most sensitive Latam currency to global risk on - risk off conditions. This is due to its characteristics of being the only 24/7 Latam currency, as well as having a central bank that prefers not to intervene. Read more

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