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Tag: martingale

Grids, Martingale and Hedging explained

Jul 18 2017 12:22:31 Jonathan Smith in Expert Advisors

This article will attempt to explain some of the most commonly used concepts in Expert Advisors. It’s worth mentioning, they can be used in manual trading as well, but their popularity has grown with the automated crowd. We will showcase some highly risky systems, which we do not recommend. Read more

Kondakov Review: The perfect forex system we don't buy

Aug 18 2014 14:58:40 Yassen Vassilev in Signals

The Ukranian trader Konstantin Kondakov is running one of the more popular systems at Myfxbook. Being an asset manager at an unregulated broker called Forex MMCIS he does not allow to be followed and his signal copied. Yet many people are interested in him. Read more

Flex Expert Advisor: That's the Martingale Rock

Apr 18 2014 07:33:44 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Today we'll be reviewing a very profitable expert advisor - the Flex EA, which however uses rather risky, gambling methods to deliver these gains. Read more

Forex inControl EA: Keeping Grip on Drawdown isn't Easy

Apr 14 2014 07:05:53 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Today in our section for expert advisor reviews we'll be exploring Forex inControl, a robot that aims to keep a tight lid on all risky aspects of trading while being the phenomenon and the main trend of 2014. Read more

FX Safe Profit Expert Advisor: Risk Leading to Stable Gains

Feb 11 2014 11:24:18 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Today we'll be reviewing the FX Safe Profit expert advisor (EA) and I'm in a hurry to say that the name of this robot is somewhat ironic given the risky trading method used. Read more

Wildfire Expert Advisor: Risky Hunting of Trends

Jan 29 2014 11:03:25 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Today we'll be reviewing the Wildfire expert advisor (EA), another creation of the Cutting Edge Forex team which you may know thanks to our review of the Ascent EA. Read more

Live $1M Account: The New Best Forex System on AutoTrade

Jan 17 2014 10:15:15 Maria Nikolova in Signals

Today we'll be taking a peek into the new best Forex trading system on AutoTrade, the signal copying service of Myfxbook: Live $1M Account. Although the system has been on the social network for only about a day, it has already attracted 43 demo and 23 live subscribers – rather impressive. Read more

Forex Hero Expert Advisor: The Best Trading Robot of 2013?

Jan 02 2014 13:42:07 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Today we'll be dealing with the Forex Hero expert advisor (EA), one more piece of software that promises to makes us filthy rich while we continue to perform our daily tasks and the robot trades instead of us. Read more

ForexProGainer Expert Advisor: Catching Profits with a Grid

Dec 02 2013 12:00:40 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Today we'll be reviewing the ForexProGainer expert advisor (EA), a Forex robot working on the Metatrader 4 platform, aiming to make it easier for traders to reap profits while avoiding the mishaps of manual trading. Read more

ForteFX EA: Gambling Robot Gone Wild

Oct 09 2013 12:11:49 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Today's subject of interest in our suite of robot reviews is  the ForteFX expert advisor (EA) – one of the Forex trading robots, developed by pimpmyea's team. Read more

Forex Fast Profit EA: Gambling for Gain Growth

Sep 26 2013 13:41:44 Stanimir Zhelev in Expert Advisors

Once again we're exploring a dangerous, gambling expert advisor: this time that's the Forex Fast Profit EA, developed by the FX Magic Soft team. Read more

Benefit Expert Advisor: 9,000% Gain after 4 Months

Sep 13 2013 09:39:42 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Today we'll be dealing with a very impressive performer among the Forex robots working on the MT4 platform: the Benefit expert advisor (EA). The last time that I was that stunned with a robot's results was when I checked the Forex Spectre EA, the robot that generated 2,600% gains in a week. Read more

Forex Witcher EA: Casting a Spell on Your Gains

Sep 11 2013 13:13:01 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Today we'll be dealing with the Forex Witcher expert advisor (EA), a robot that works on the MT4 platform so that you can reap some gains in the end. As its name suggests, it's somewhat risky – in fact, it's very risky, but still worth of your attention, especially if you like active bots. Read more

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