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Moscow Exchange Introduces New Volatility Index

Apr 15 2014 13:48:24 in Market

Lately, whenever the talk is about on-exchange or over-the-counter trading in Russia, one key word pops up: “Volatility”. Read more

Daphnis Group: Market Volatility Fuels Trading with Binary Options on Gold

Apr 30 2013 08:57:01 in Market

As we've recently reported, the collapse in the price of Gold, seen a couple of weeks ago, may have ruined the fortunes of many Forex traders, but the market volatility and the influx of speculators have bumped up profits and volumes of FX brokers. Read more

FXCM Reports 42% Increase in Retail Forex Volumes

Feb 12 2013 08:40:33 in Brokers

Earlier today the biggest forex broker in the world up to date, FXCM, reported its operational metrics for January 2013 and we were glad to notice that the stagnant, low-volatility markets of 2012 are in the history, where they belong. Read more

FXCM Releases November 2012 Metrics; Low Volatility Doesn't Explain Low Volumes Any More

Dec 18 2012 15:59:40 in Brokers

Yesterday FXCM, one of the major players on the retail and institutional forex markets, released its metrics for November 2012. I feel tempted to give you all the boring details but… Wait, there is no “but”: I will give you the boring details. Read more

FXCM Cuts Spreads Worldwide

Oct 16 2012 14:28:12 in Brokers

FXCM, the world’s largest forex broker, is launching Dealing Desk execution for its customers in the US. Read more

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