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FxPro's SuperTrader Marks 67% Successful New Traders

Feb 06 2014 12:54:33 in Brokers

FxPro, the Forex broker operating from the UK and Cyprus, today announced key operating metrics of its SuperTrader social trading network. The set of results is, as usual, strong, with the percentage of profitable investors and the size of the returns remaining solid in January 2014. Read more

FxPro's SuperTrader Boasts 53% Profitable Investors

Jan 08 2014 06:56:17 in Brokers

FxPro, the Forex broker operating from the UK and Cyprus, has reported some key financial metrics for its social trading platform SuperTrader, with the majority of users registering profits. Read more

EU Leaders Agree On Roadmap For Completion Of EMU

Dec 16 2012 10:31:03 in Market

The European Union leaders have agreed on a roadmap for the completion of the Economic and Monetary Union, besides a deal for closer banking sector union. Read more

EU Leaders Warn Budget Accord May Be Far Off

Nov 23 2012 05:01:02 in Market

Discord among EU member states on the region's long-term budget is threatening to delay a deal on crucial spending plans for the coming years, deepening the economic crisis that has engulfed most of Europe. Read more

Schaeuble: World Leaders See Progress In Eurozone's Battle Against Crisis

Oct 12 2012 10:31:03 in Market

The finance ministers from across the globe meeting in Tokyo have recognized that the Eurozone has made "significant progress" in addressing the debt crisis, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble reportedly said Friday. Read more

APEC Leaders Vow To Move Towards Exchange Rate Flexibility

Sep 09 2012 15:31:02 in Market

Leaders in the Asia-Pacific region vowed on Sunday to move toward greater exchange rate flexibility. Read more

German and French Leaders Want to See Results of Spanish Banks Audit - Spox

Aug 24 2012 10:31:02 in Market

German Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande discussed Spain in their meeting on Thursday and would like to see results soon of an audit on its banking sector It would be nice and would make sense if the report on the Spanish banks would be available soon, Merkel's spokesman Steffen Sei... Read more

Germany's Merkel : Eu Leaders on Right Track, Moving Towards Closer Union

Aug 16 2012 16:31:02 in Market

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said time is of the essence in making progress on the euro zone sovereign debt crisis, adding that she feels European leaders are on the right track. Merkel after meeting Canada's Harper said have they pledged to move quickly to complete a free trade agreement. Read more

Us's Fiscal Cliff Less Risky Than Eu Debt Crisis says Treasury's Geithner, Urges Action from Leaders

Aug 01 2012 06:31:04 in Market

US Treasury Sec. Read more

Greek Political Leaders to Continue Austerity Talks to Bring Country Back on Track

Jul 30 2012 18:01:02 in Market

Greek political leaders said they would continue talks on austerity measures needed to bring the country's bailout program back on track. Quotes "There is agreement on the strategic plan. Discussions will continue, there will be another meeting in the next few days. Read more

Us, German Leaders Express Confidence on Ez Reforms - Statement

Jul 30 2012 16:01:02 in Market

U.S. Treasury Secretary Geithner and German Finance Minister Schaeuble expressed confidence in the ability of EZ countries to implement reforms to tackle debt crisis The two leaders commended the efforts of Ireland and Portugal and also cited recent structural reforms by Spain and Italy. Read more

French Business Leaders Report Sharp Deterioration In Demand

Jul 25 2012 08:01:03 in Market

French business leaders said total demand as well as export demand declined sharply in July, survey data published by the statistical office Insee showed Wednesday. The outlook for the third quarter also deteriorated. Read more

Imf Backs the Steps Taken by Leaders in Eu Summit for Financial Integration

Jun 29 2012 17:31:12 in Market

IMF welcomed decisions by EU leaders to deepen financial sector integration EZ IMF also said it would "help break the feedback loop between banks and sovereigns. Read more

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