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Ukrainian Forex is Still Alive: IronFX Joins UCRFIN

Apr 02 2014 10:43:38 in Market

Given the complicated situation in Ukraine, many of us must have slapped a label “out of order” on this spot on the map: but the Forex industry in the country appears to be alive and kicking, or at least this is what the activity of local Forex brokers shows. Read more

IronFX Clinches Deal to Sponsor FC Barcelona

Mar 07 2014 10:18:12 in Brokers

Cyprus-based Forex broker IronFX on Thursday announced a deal of undisclosed value to partner with one of the world's most renowned and successful football clubs: FC Barcelona. Read more

IronFX Opens Offices in Ukraine and Chile

Feb 18 2014 07:43:08 in Market

When we first reported about the plans of Cyprus-based Forex broker IronFX to set up 30 new offices across the globe in 2014, the intentions of the company seemed overly ambitious. Read more

IronFX Becomes Member of Eurex Exchange

Jan 31 2014 13:57:26 in Market

IronFX, the Cyprus-based Forex and CFD broker, has just announced that it has become a member of Eurex Exchange, one of the biggest marketplaces for trading derivatives across the globe. Read more

IronFX Aims to Open 30 New Offices Globally in 2014

Jan 20 2014 08:40:18 in Market

IronFX, the Cyprus-based Forex broker, turned into the living proof of the concept of global expansion in 2013, as it ended the year with 55 offices globally and a bunch of regulatory approvals. Read more

IronFX Boosts Global Presence via Nigerian Office

Jan 02 2014 09:57:18 in Market

IronFX, the once-small Forex broker operating from the island of Cyprus, is simply growing its global network to incredible proportions with the latest pit stop for the company being one of Nigeria's biggest cities: Lagos. Read more

IronFX Sets Foot in Philippines, Opens Manila Office

Dec 17 2013 07:49:24 in Market

IronFX, the Forex broker operating from the island of Cyprus, has just announced it's continuing with its global expansion – this time it's opening an office in Manila City, the Philippines. Read more

IronFX's New Solution Allows You to Develop Expert Advisors

Sep 06 2013 06:38:58 in Software

IronFX, the Cypriot Forex and CFD broker, has just launched a new solution to its clients that allows them to construct their own expert advisors (EAs) in a graphical environment. Read more

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