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Review of Forex Warrior Expert Advisor: Safe Gambling

Mar 27 2013 14:34:20 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

This article is a response to a reader's request – you're all welcome to make suggestions for articles, provide feedback and even contribute to the website's content yourself. Read more

Review of Happy Forex Expert Advisor: The Game is On Again

Mar 26 2013 11:01:49 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

It's been a while since we've talked about forex robots that openly use trading strategies borrowed from games like BlackJack. Read more

Review of FX Splitter Expert Advisor: The Dice Are Rolling

Mar 20 2013 14:38:59 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

Lately it seems that all expert advisors (EAs) – the software programs that perform forex trading tasks instead of you – are increasingly using gambling strategies. Read more

Review of PING Expert Advisor: Cheer Down!

Mar 19 2013 11:49:58 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

One of the most popular songs in the OST of the action movie “Lethal Weapon 2” is George Harrison's “Cheer Down”: it's about how we don't have to pretend to be happy when our life is a mess. Read more

Spread Betting vs Forex Trading: What to Choose?

Mar 18 2013 13:08:42 Maria Nikolova in Brokers

Today we are offering you a comparison between two ways of financial speculation – forex trading, of which we are all fond of, and spread-betting. Read more

Malta Begins To Regulate Binary Options as Financial Instruments

Mar 11 2013 15:51:08 Maria Nikolova in Market

Earlier today the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has announced that it will be taking over the regulation of binary option trading in the country, this way adding strength to the trend of binary options being treated like financial rather than gambling instruments. Read more

EA SteadyGrowth Pro Review: Hidden Agenda

Mar 06 2013 14:09:31 Maria Nikolova in Expert Advisors

 After yesterday's review of the GPS Forex Robot, we continue our journey into the world of forex robots which have something to hide from us. Read more

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