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What Does GAIN Capital Seek in an Acquisition Target?

Feb 28 2014 14:09:56 in Brokers

GAIN Capital, the US financial services giant which owns retail Forex broker on Thursday reported a set of robust performance metrics for 2013, while boasting the successful acquisition of GFT. Read more

Institutional Forex Volumes at GAIN Capital Surge in November

Dec 10 2013 14:10:00 in Brokers

GAIN Capital, the US securities group behind major FX broker, today announced its operating metrics November, with institutional Forex volumes showing the rise the company has long awaited.    Institutional trading volumes amounted to $428. Read more

Amount of GAIN Capital's Convertible Notes Offering Rises to $80m

Nov 27 2013 06:48:31 in Brokers

GAIN Capital, the US securities expert behind Forex broker, has just announced that the principal amount of its offering of senior convertible notes due 2018 has risen to $80 million. Read more

GAIN Capital Reveals Financial Details of Convertible Notes Offering

Nov 22 2013 12:32:03 in Brokers

GAIN Capital, the US securities expert behind Forex broker, has just published details regarding the convertible notes offering of which we informed you just a couple of days ago. Read more

GAIN Capital Registers Increase in Q3 Forex Volumes, Profitability

Oct 31 2013 14:00:00 in Brokers

GAIN Capital, the US securities giant behind, has just announced its results for the third quarter of the year, with robust rises recorded in institutional and retail trading volumes, along with revenues and profits. Read more

GAIN Capital Finalizes GFT's Acquisition

Sep 24 2013 21:55:55 in Brokers

GAIN Capital Inc., the financial giant behind leading US FX broker, has just announced the official completion of the acquisition of Global Futures & Forex, LTD (GFT). Read more

Possible Reasons for the Surge in Gain Capital's Share Price

Sep 09 2013 06:30:20 in Brokers

In case you have not been on a vacation last week, you've perhaps noticed the jump in the share price of Gain Capital, the company that owns the FX brokerage Read more

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