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Tag: fundamental analysis

FBS Launches “Analytics Idol 2013” Forex Contest

Dec 23 2013 12:30:00 in Brokers

FBS, the Forex broker that likes to mollycoddle its clients with various perks, has stayed true to itself by launching a New Year Forex forecast contest, called (rather attractively) Analytics Idol 2013. Read more

Dukascopy Beefs Up Competition Fund, Launches Miss 2013 Contest

May 13 2013 11:40:03 in Brokers

Swiss FX broker and bank Dukascopy has established a peculiar tradition in competitions: in February, it offered $1,500 to the winner of a competition for the best love message and in March it kick-started a contest for the most gifted child, which will be held on a quarterly basis. Read more

Ready, Steady, Shoot: FBS Launches FX Bazooka

May 08 2013 14:40:32 in Brokers

Earlier today FBS announced the launch of its new service: FX Bazooka. Read more

Malsolo Review: Short USD Positions Dragging eToro's Number 1 to the Bottom

Mar 21 2013 16:24:17 in Signals

Julio Rus Fernandez, or Malsolo as he is more widely known among OpenBook users, is the network's first-ranking Guru. Read more

Roby26 Review: New Player in the OpenBook's Top 5

Mar 06 2013 09:24:37 in Signals

Since last time we wrote about OpenBook's crew of most copied Gurus, there's been a certain transfer of power from one trader to another. Read more

How Much Do eToro's Best Gurus Earn Per Month?

Mar 01 2013 16:07:25 in Signals

Being a Guru on eToro's OpenBook can be quite the profitable occupation. And yet, really good signal providers with followers well in the thousands have every right to feel they haven't exactly been done justice. Read more

OpenBook's Top 5 Most Copied Gurus

Feb 21 2013 07:57:06 in Signals

With all the attention recently paid to ZuluTrade's signal providers, we wouldn't want to mislead you into believing that there aren't equally good or just as terrible traders on other networks of the kind. Read more

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