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Forex News to Watch Today - April 22, 2013

Apr 22 2013 00:00:00 in Market

 Practically nothing to report today, except for some US Existing Home Sales numbers in the afternoon. A slow day we can all use to put our feet up and relax. Read more

ASIC Tightens Its Grip: City Index Australia Must Appoint an Independent Expert

Apr 19 2013 10:00:53 in Brokers

Over the past few months, we've seen financial regulators around the world rectify a number of rules concerning the foreign exchange industry, with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) being among the most active of reformers. Read more

DeltaStock Releases a Google Chrome Extension

Apr 19 2013 08:20:17 in Brokers

Only a few weeks after they released a new mobile trading platform that we really liked, Deltastock is coming up with another update for the geeks and passionate traders: a Google Chrome extension. Read more

Forex Forecasts of the Day - April 19, 2013

Apr 19 2013 08:09:33 in Market

G20 meetings are still going on today, so that's where everyone's attention will be. So far, we've learned that the Group will not be opposing Japanese policies to revive inflation, which led USDJPY to jump to 99.00 and beyond overnight. Read more

Forex News to Watch Today - April 19, 2013

Apr 19 2013 00:00:00 in Market

Same as yesterday, today will be marked by the G20 meetings in Washington DC. Of course, us mere mortals won't know what's been said and done until the release of the official statement at the end of the proceedings, but hopefully we'll get some unofficial info in the meantime. Read more

You Will Be Converted: eToro's New Evangelists Program

Apr 18 2013 14:26:05 in Brokers

First the Social trading Gurus and now a crowd of Evangelists? To some these might seem as way too many spiritual references in something as secular as foreign exchange. Read more

FBS Rolls Out a New Demo Contest: Win Up to $450

Apr 18 2013 09:54:42 in Brokers

Yesterday, Panama-based forex brokerage, FBS, fired the starting pistol on its brand new one-month demo contest which has already attracted some 3,600 people from various ends of the world. Read more

Forex Forecasts of the Day - April 18, 2013

Apr 18 2013 09:03:45 in Market

All eyes and ears are on the Group of 20 meetings in Washington DC today. We'll probably be haring off-the-record snippets on the proceedings from officials throughout the day, though the experts don't really expect much to have changed since the previous meeting in February. Read more

Forex News to Watch Today - April 18, 2013

Apr 18 2013 00:00:00 in Market

All eyes will be on Washington DC today and tomorrow, since that's where the two-day G20 meetings between the Ministers of Finance and central bank representatives from 20 industrialized nations, including the G7 nations (Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, UK, US) will take place. Read more

Review of SELL GBP Wonderful: Life in One Direction

Apr 17 2013 15:30:28 in Signals

We've examined a number of interesting signal providers so far, each with their own peculiar signature --Azar Consulting, for example, the South African system which is meticulously cautious in its trading and never opens more than one position at a time; Qurenix – the collective effort of a... Read more

$6,000 for the Winners of FxPro's Myfxbook Contest

Apr 17 2013 12:27:52 in Brokers

Last month we saw quite a number of demo contests organized by Forex brokers, all offering some very attractive prizes – XEMarkets gave a prize pool of £8,500 to the three top demo account traders in its LSE Forex Demo Contest, and $5,500 was offered up for grabs in ForexRazor's "Excel... Read more

Tradable Signs a New Partnership with First Derivatives

Apr 17 2013 10:06:04 in Software

It was announced yesterday that Tradable, the world's first open, app-store-like solution for trading financial instruments has struck a new alliance with UK-based First Derivatives. Read more

Forex Forecasts of the Day - April 17, 2013

Apr 17 2013 08:49:59 in Market

It's shaping up to be a pretty quiet day for Forex trading. EURUSD seems to have calmed above 1.3100, USDJPY is still stuck well below 100.00... looks like we'll be able to take a little breather, or at least that's what the experts say. Read more

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