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Swissquote Acquires DFSA License: Launches Full Forex Operation in Dubai

Jun 12 2013 09:41:39 in Brokers

Over the recent months, we've witnessed multiple expansions as all of Switzerland's major forex providers have set on a mission to broaden their reach far beyond the boundaries of the country. Read more

Domo Arigato: XEMarkets Finds Its Best Japanese Forex Trader

Jun 12 2013 08:46:05 in Brokers

When it comes to forex, Japan is all business – after all, this little country is accountable for about a third of the forex trading volumes worldwide. A couple of months ago the Cypriot broker XEMarkets acknowledged that by launching a special demo trading contest for its Japanese clients. Read more

Russian Forex Bill Passes First Reading in Parliament

Jun 12 2013 08:42:03 in Market

The last time that we discussed Russia's steps towards the establishment of a state-based Forex regulation, we were quite disappointed as the bill "On Introducing Changes in the Federal Securities Market Law and Other Legislation of the Russian Federation" got stuck after the reviews ... Read more

LiteForex's World Challenge: Win a Brand New Mercedes Benz S400 Hybrid

Jun 11 2013 14:23:31 in Brokers

You know that feeling when you're browsing aimlessly through the internet and at a certain point your brain just stops registering any of the words on the screen. Most favorable trading conditions, lowest spreads...Yes, yes, lots of grand talk but no one's fooled by it. Read more

Forex Meets Auctions in GreatForexTrades

Jun 11 2013 14:16:15 in Market

A while ago one of my friends purchased a used car off eBay. We all made fun of her, telling her she's probably buying a matchbox car, however she had the car delivered and a couple of years later, she's still driving it. The same friend later bought a house off e-bay. Read more

FxPro Celebrates One Year as a NDD Forex Broker

Jun 10 2013 15:30:01 in Brokers

It has been a year since FxPro said bye-bye to market making and switched to agency model (time flies, doesn't it!). Twelve months later, the broker looks back and shares with us its experience and evaluates its decision. Read more

Lying in Wait: ZuluTrade's Ambush Trader Scores 7,500 pips in Two Months

Jun 10 2013 14:04:13 in Signals

For a dynamic social trading network of ZuluTrade's size and worldwide popularity, having new traders climb to the top is something that we witness on a regular basis. It's also true, though, that not many manage to remain there for long. Read more

eToro Launches 50 New Brand Stocks: Your Lifestyle & Your Trading Have Now Come Together

Jun 10 2013 09:28:31 in Brokers

As we push further into an age dominated by consumerism, it's of little surprise that our lives become increasingly defined by the products we purchase. Read more

Obey the Stop Loss: ZuluTrade's Second-Ranking Fenix7

Jun 07 2013 13:52:42 in Signals

Just the other day, we did our routine monthly overview of ZuluTrade's best capitalized signal providers and as it became evident, quite a few changes have taken place since late April. In fact, the only trader who's managed to retain his previous position is Chinese-registered account, F8. Read more

Missing: Belize-Based Broker MFFX Disappears from the Face of Earth

Jun 07 2013 12:09:16 in Brokers

A while ago we reported about the relatively small broker MFFX kicking MT4 to the curb and replacing it with Spotware's cTrader ECN platform. Read more

Lite Forex's New Service Insures Your Deposit

Jun 06 2013 15:09:41 in Brokers

In light of what has been happening with Liberty Reserve, many brokers released statements to assure traders they won't be affected. Read more

MIG Becomes the First Swiss Bank to Launch Metatrader 5 for Its Client Base

Jun 06 2013 13:17:41 in Brokers

There's been a lot of controversy lately surrounding Metaquotes, the guys who conceived the idea of the world's most widely used trading platform – MetaTrader 4 (MT4). Read more

Secure Your Funds with FxPro's Groundbreaking Risk Management Tool: FxPro Vault

Jun 06 2013 09:06:57 in Brokers

While doing forex is no doubt a fun and often rewarding enterprise, some aspects of it, like the constant need to deposit and withdraw money, can be quite a bit of a nuisance. Read more

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