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GAIN Capital Finalizes Deals with GAA, Top Third

Apr 17 2014 04:52:45 in Brokers

It has been a month since GAIN Capital, the US group behind retail Forex broker FOREX. Read more

Predictor Game: Offers You Chance to Meet Vincent Kompany

Apr 14 2014 08:52:41 in Brokers

It was about a month ago that we informed you about “Where Football Meets Trading” - the joint campaign of leading FX broker and the Manchester City Football Club, aiming to bring closer online trading and football. Read more Sees FX Trading Volumes Soar in Q1'2014

Apr 10 2014 10:44:31 in Brokers, the retail Forex brand owned by US financial giant GAIN Capital, managed to record a steep rise in Forex volumes in the first quarter of 2014, according to data published today. Retail Forex volumes reached massive $566. Read more

GAIN Capital Sees Forex Volumes Grow in February

Mar 10 2014 11:23:43 in Brokers

GAIN Capital, the US financial giant behind Forex broker, today announced its operating metrics for February 2014, with both institutional and retail Forex volumes staging a steep rise in annual terms.  The stats for last month show retail Forex volumes of $169. Read more

2013 in Review:

Dec 26 2013 09:00:00 in Brokers

The year was truly transformational for, the US Forex broker that has securities giant GAIN Capital behind its back. We saw a takeover bid by rival FXCM, the purchase of GFT, issuance of convertible notes, rising volumes and share prices, and even a sponsorship deal with a football club. Read more

GAIN Capital Waves Goodbye to Director Mark Galant

Dec 19 2013 07:12:46 in Brokers

GAIN Capital, the parent company of US major Forex broker, has announced that Mark Galant is leaving the board of directors of the company. The resignation got immediately into effect on December 12, 2013. Read more

GAIN Capital to Sell $65m of Notes to Fund Acquisitions

Nov 21 2013 06:55:44 in Brokers

GAIN Capital, the financial group behind US Forex broker has just announced that it will offer to certain institutional parties to purchase senior convertible notes worth a total of $65 million. Read more

GAIN Capital's Retail Forex Volumes Jump in October 2013

Nov 11 2013 12:48:35 in Brokers

GAIN Capital, the US financial giant behind Forex broker has just announced its operating metrics for October, with the strongest performance delivered in the retail Forex segment.    The company reported retail over-the-counter trading volumes of $186. Read more

GAIN Capital Targets 50% Revenues from Non-Retail Trading

Nov 01 2013 14:47:08 in Brokers

Just a couple of days ago, US financial giant GAIN Capital, the group behind FX broker, announced a set of strong metrics for the third quarter of 2013. Read more

GAIN Capital Registers Increase in Q3 Forex Volumes, Profitability

Oct 31 2013 14:00:00 in Brokers

GAIN Capital, the US securities giant behind, has just announced its results for the third quarter of the year, with robust rises recorded in institutional and retail trading volumes, along with revenues and profits. Read more

GAIN Capital Finalizes GFT's Acquisition

Sep 24 2013 21:55:55 in Brokers

GAIN Capital Inc., the financial giant behind leading US FX broker, has just announced the official completion of the acquisition of Global Futures & Forex, LTD (GFT). Read more

Possible Reasons for the Surge in Gain Capital's Share Price

Sep 09 2013 06:30:20 in Brokers

In case you have not been on a vacation last week, you've perhaps noticed the jump in the share price of Gain Capital, the company that owns the FX brokerage Read more Sees Net Revenues Hit Record Levels in Q2'2013

Aug 08 2013 14:44:00 in Brokers

Impressive performance results for this year's second quarter started pouring yesterday, as FXCM announced strong numbers. Next up was and if you had expected a bunch of remarkable metrics, you would have been right to do so, because the results are here and they are pretty good. Read more

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