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Director of Australian Bankrupt CFD Broker Sonray Goes to Jail

Apr 17 2014 06:01:36 in Market

An Australian court today issued a prison sentence to Russell Andrew Johnson, director of Sonray Capital Markets Pty Ltd  (Sonray), an Australian broker that went bankrupt in 2010 in a major $46.7 million collapse. Read more

Russia Cuts Capital Requirements for Forex Brokers

Apr 13 2014 18:44:53 in Market

Over the past six months or so, we have grown accustomed to hearing gloomy news about the upcoming Forex regulation in Russia – the second reading of the Forex bill was postponed a number of times, while senior officials like Sergey Shvetsov have been racing to pledge restrictions. Read more

ILQ Issues Notice to Clients on Business Liquidation

Apr 10 2014 07:19:08 in Brokers

Institutional Liquidity (ILQ) LLC, the US futures commission merchant (FCM) which a couple of days ago stunned the trading community by announcing the transfer of its US futures business to rival Advantage Futures, has just published a notice to its clients concerning the liquidation of the b... Read more

Maltese Regulator Warns Against FX Direct Dealer, Sky Forex

Apr 09 2014 06:47:15 in Market

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) on Tuesday issued a warning against two Forex brokers – FX Direct Dealer and Sky Forex. Read more

Canadian Watchdog Issues Alert about Risks of Virtual Currencies

Apr 08 2014 10:03:50 in Market

One of the most active and rigid financial regulators – the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), has issued an alert about the real risks of virtual currencies, adding to the growing chorus of warnings against Bitcoin and its alternatives. Read more

CFTC Slaps $275,000 Penalty on CMS Forex over Capitalization Flaws

Apr 08 2014 06:10:20 in Market

The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on Monday imposed a $275,000 penalty on Forex broker Capital Market Services, LLC (CMS) over failures to meet requirements for the capitalization of Futures Commission Merchants (FCM), Retail Foreign Exchange Dealers (RFED) and FDMs. Read more

Forex Newbie 24FX Gets Its First Regulatory Warning

Apr 07 2014 06:44:19 in Market

It was less than two weeks ago that we reported about 24FX – a new Forex broker, having emerged in Cyprus. Read more

MF Global Ordered to Repay $1.2B to Customers

Apr 04 2014 10:30:00 in Market

In case you are interested in the history of financial firms' bankruptcies, you could not have missed the story of MF Global, the US-based futures commission merchant (FCM) which went insolvent in October 2011, leaving all of its customers with substantial losses. Read more

Ukrainian Forex is Still Alive: IronFX Joins UCRFIN

Apr 02 2014 10:43:38 in Market

Given the complicated situation in Ukraine, many of us must have slapped a label “out of order” on this spot on the map: but the Forex industry in the country appears to be alive and kicking, or at least this is what the activity of local Forex brokers shows. Read more

New Zealand's FMA Has More Powers, New Rules Come into Effect

Apr 01 2014 06:53:07 in Market

We are not certain about the source of love of regulators for making decisive moves on April Fools' Day but the reality is that radical changes in financial regulation tend to happen precisely on this day. Read more

EXNESS Shifts from New Zealand to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Apr 01 2014 05:56:07 in Market

EXNESS, the global group of Forex brokers, announced today the establishment of a new company based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The new company, EXNESS Limited is a part of the EXNESS Group from April 1, 2014 and it is from that date that it becomes a contractor of EXNESS Limited (NZ). Read more

CySEC Prolongs Suspension of License of Infina Investments

Mar 31 2014 10:42:37 in Market

When the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) finds a company has violated the law, it takes the necessary measures and does not step back until the perpetrator remedies the problems. Read more

US Court Slaps $2.2M in Penalties for Forex Ponzi Scheme

Mar 24 2014 08:14:05 in Market

A district court in Ohio, the United States, has imposed financial penalties of more than $2.2 million on the defendants in a Forex fraud case brought up by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Read more

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