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GAIN Capital Finalizes Deals with GAA, Top Third

Apr 17 2014 04:52:45 in Brokers

It has been a month since GAIN Capital, the US group behind retail Forex broker FOREX. Read more

GAIN Capital Takes Over UK CFD Advisory Galvan Research

Apr 07 2014 11:07:20 in Brokers

GAIN Capital, the US securities expert whom we know for its ownership of the retail Forex giant, made the headlines today with another acquisition: of UK-based CFD advisory firm Galvan Research and Trading. Read more

FXCM Completes Purchase of Infinium Capital's Assets, Launches New JV

Mar 17 2014 06:59:19 in Brokers

FXCM, the leading retail Forex broker, announced last week that it had completed the purchase of selected assets of Infinium Capital, the troubled high speed trading firm from Chicago, and that it will launch a new joint venture on the basis of these newly acquired assets. Read more

JPMorgan Chase Purchases 4.64 Million Shares in Plus500

Mar 13 2014 11:03:04 in Brokers

JP Morgan Chase & Co, the global leader in financial services and banking, has bought into UK Forex and CFD broker Plus500. The official announcement about the deal is dated March 11, 2014 – that's just a couple of days ago. Read more

FXCM Sheds Light on Infinium Capital Acquisition

Feb 11 2014 21:18:32 in Brokers

It was just a month ago that we reported of US Forex broker FXCM's change of heart regarding Infinium Capital – the Chicago-based high-speed trading firm. Read more

Change of Heart: FXCM to Purchase Assets of Infinium Capital

Jan 10 2014 13:25:48 in Brokers

FXCM, the US Forex broker, delivered a surprising piece of news last night: the company aims to acquire the assets of financially troubled Infinium Capital. According to a report by Reuters, the broker said it was in negotiations with the Chicago-based business to purchase its assets. Read more

Successful Forex Deal: GAIN Reveals Details of GFT's Performance

Nov 19 2013 08:30:36 in Brokers

On September 24, 2013, GAIN Capital - the financial giant behind, announced the completion of the acquisition of Global Futures & Forex, Ltd. (GFT) – a Michigan-based Forex business. Read more

GAIN Capital Finalizes GFT's Acquisition

Sep 24 2013 21:55:55 in Brokers

GAIN Capital Inc., the financial giant behind leading US FX broker, has just announced the official completion of the acquisition of Global Futures & Forex, LTD (GFT). Read more

FXDD acquires FrontierFX and its multi-bank forex trading platform

Sep 21 2011 13:19:17 in Brokers

FXDD, a leading forex broker that already offers MT4, Mirror Trader, Power Trader, MTXtreme and 2 Currenex trading platforms is on the way to offer new trading platfrom to its clients. Read more

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