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CFTC Slaps a $225,000 Penalty on Interactive Brokers over Segregated Fund Violations

Apr 10 2013 11:29:52 in Brokers

Regulatory troubles keep piling up on the shoulders of US online brokerage Interactive Brokers. After the U.S. Read more

Acquisition Proposal Pushes Shares in GAIN Capital Up by 27%

Apr 09 2013 15:18:14 in Brokers

As we reported earlier, leading forex broker FXCM Inc. (NYSE:FXCM) on April 8, 2013, launched an offer to merge with and acquire online trading services provider GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: GCAP) for the sum of $210.4 million. Read more

FXCM Offers to Acquire Gain Capital for $210.4 million

Apr 09 2013 08:21:34 in Brokers

FXCM, one of the worlds’ largest providers of forex and CFD trading services, last night proposed to merge with GAIN Capital, the online trading services provider, and to acquire the company for $210,400,000. Read more

XEMarkets Entices Apple Fans via Launch of MT4 for Mac

Apr 08 2013 13:02:09 in Brokers

Just as we thought that XEMarkets has offered all of the possible trading platforms, including mobile applications like XEM iPad Trader and XEM iPhone Trader, the Cyprus-based forex broker has surprised us again by making its version of the Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform available to users of Ap... Read more

Italy Takes Action against Binary Option Websites

Apr 04 2013 13:14:38 in Brokers

The latest news for Italy's binary option brokers are dismal. The Judge of Rome for preliminary investigations has ordered Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block access to a number of websites offering binary option trading in the country:,,, eztrader. Read more

A Beam of Hope: CySEC Acts to Help Cypriot FX Brokers

Apr 03 2013 14:14:48 in Brokers

The end of March fixed the gaze of the financial world on Cyprus, as what was seen once as a key offshore financial destination took a firm grasp on deposits in two of the country's largest banks - the Bank of Cyprus Group (BOC) and the Cyprus Popular Bank Public Co Ltd (“Laiki Bank”). Read more

FBS Slashes Spreads on Micro Accounts to 1 Pip

Apr 03 2013 09:51:33 in Brokers

Panama-based broker FBS, which celebrates its 4th birthday this year, announced on Tuesday that it's sharply cutting the spreads on all trading tools on micro accounts to 1 pip.    Now, you may be wondering how much does the change represent: well, it's a cut of 50% or more. Read more

How Will the FSA Split Affect Forex Brokers?

Apr 02 2013 14:57:40 in Brokers

The plans for dividing the Financial Services Authority (FSA) – the UK watchdog in charge of forex brokers among everything else, into several regulators have been around for at least three years, as the British authorities have been trying to plug the regulatory loopholes that contribu... Read more

Integral Development 2013 Retail FX Broker Survey: What's the Verdict?

Feb 15 2013 13:06:29 in Brokers

This past year has been particularly hard for the retail Forex industry, and for brokers in particular. Read more

IBTimes Announces 3rd Annual Trading Awards Winners

Aug 07 2012 15:29:28 in Brokers

International Business Times (IBTimes), a global business media group, today announced the winners of its third annual IBTimes Trading Awards, an awards program that recognizes the top brokers and financial services providers worldwide as a way to feature their best-in-class service and strong tra... Read more

Forex brokers spread comparison during US Non Farm Payrolls

Aug 03 2012 13:23:40 in Brokers

Forex brokers spread comparison during today US Non Farm Payrolls. For real time spread comparison, click here.  Fixed spread brokers like Fx Solutions, FxOpen and TadaulFX traditionally offer lowest spreads during news releases. Read more

Leverate introduces social marketing toolkit for forex brokers

Jul 25 2012 08:51:51 in Software

Leverate, a leading provider of  forex IT solutions, that last year rolled out a bunch of marketing tools, including SEO, Behavioral Analysis and Forex news, today annouced the launch of social marketing toolkit for forex brokers. Read more

Leverate releases LXRisk: a risk management software for forex brokers

Apr 23 2012 10:54:09 in Software

Leverate today released LXRisk, an innovative risk-management server that presents Forex Brokers with an accurate view of exposure in a clean and user-friendly interface. Read more

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