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Myfxbook Strikes Again: Quant Strategy EA Removed from AutoTrade

May 31 2013 03:55:17 in Expert Advisors

Lately I've been having difficulties getting the logic of AutoTrade - the signal copying service of Myfxbook: at first I enjoyed the rigid policy regarding the eligibility of signal providers. Read more

Is Less More: Wallbreaker EA versus Volatility Master EA

May 29 2013 07:44:13 in Expert Advisors

Today we continue with our series of “battle” articles in which we compare two expert advisors (EAs) with similar trading strategies and different prices, as we seek to answer the question “Can less be worth more?”. Read more

Review of Impala EA: Risk and Profits Going Hand in Hand

May 28 2013 11:25:57 in Expert Advisors

Today we take a deeper look into the Impala expert advisor (EA), a Forex robot that has impressed us with its high gains and solid overall performance. Read more

Rating of the Best Scalping Expert Advisors

May 17 2013 11:17:53 in Expert Advisors

After a thorough check of the expert advisor (EA) reviews, it turned out that a large part of them are dedicated to scalpers: forex robots that seek to profit from price spikes and, for that matter, keep positions open for a short time (sometimes seconds) and reap small profits (about 2 or 3 pips ... Read more

Review of Euronis EA: Successfully Managing Your Money

May 15 2013 14:22:15 in Expert Advisors

We haven't posted a review for about a week and some of you have started to complain (thank you!), so today we're back and we'll take a look at a special expert advisor (EA) – it's called Euronis and is more of an investment tool rather than a standalone software that you can purchase a... Read more

Review of Night Channel Trader EA: Fantastic, Bombastic, Ecstatic

May 09 2013 09:35:49 in Expert Advisors

Today we'll explore the Night Channel Trader (NCT) - an expert advisor (EA) that has stayed away from the attention of the majority of fans of automated trading. A possible reason is the popularity of the NumberOne EA, a profitable scalper also built by the SteadyOnFX team. Read more

Review of Hyper EA Pro: Night Fever

Apr 29 2013 14:10:00 in Expert Advisors

Today we'll focus on the Hyper Expert Advisor Pro, and, as the title of this review suggests, it's a bit of a night bird – it usually trades during a narrow time window just before the onset of the Asian session and sometimes within it. Read more

Gambling: The Dark Side of FX Trading

Apr 26 2013 13:48:06 in Market

Let's admit it: when it comes to gambling, we all start to think of bad things: a father losing all of the kids' college money; an old lady spending all of her time in front of a slot machine; and perhaps a pile of money next to a roulette that just went to the bank, because the bank always wins. Read more

Review of Forex Real Profit EA: The Name Says it All

Apr 24 2013 13:17:47 in Expert Advisors

In the previous review, I warned you that I'm kind of bored with scalpers but today we'll be dealing with one again and this is because the Forex Real Profit EA is not a random scalper but a very successful one. Read more

ATC 2012 Is Over, Winners Are Announced

Feb 14 2013 15:09:45 in Software

Back in June we reported on the start of the 2012 edition of the annual Automated Trading Championship. ATC 2012 ran for three months – from July to September – and 451 talented traders competed for the impressive $80,000 prize pool. Read more

FX Capitalist EA: a Challenge to Your Logic

Feb 13 2013 13:33:05 in Expert Advisors

Choosing an expert advisor for your forex trades can be intelectually demanding. Today you will be presented with a hard case – the FX Capitalist expert advisor. Read more

Joker EA: Can You Spot a Trickster?

Feb 12 2013 14:57:39 in Signals

Among the archetypes that psychologist Carl Jung depicts is the one of the trickster. The trickster is a magician, a clown, a villain who puts others into ridiculous situations that ultimately cause them discomfort. The trickster, however, always stays unscathed. Read more

Oanda Presents fxTrade Bridge for Metatrader 4

Jan 28 2013 14:33:04 in Brokers

For a while now, the global forex broker Oanda has been offering its clients a choice between its own trading platform fxTrade, and the industry's most popular trading application Metatrader 4 (MT4). Read more

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