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ZuluTrade's 5th Most Capitalized Forex Trader: Global Matrix LT

Apr 21 2014 06:54:00 in Signals

Today we'll be exploring a newcomer to the top five of the richest signal providers on social trading platform ZuluTrade - Russia's Global Matrix LT. Read more

ZuluTrade's NEMER88: Drawdown and Profits Going Hand in Hand

Apr 09 2014 07:54:41 in Signals

Today we'll be exploring NEMER88, a signal provider (SP) on the popular social trading network ZuluTrade who has attracted many followers and plenty of capital lately. Read more

The Five Richest Forex Traders on ZuluTrade in March

Mar 25 2014 08:38:32 in Signals

Today, as the tradition of goes, we take a look at the five most capitalized traders on ZuluTrade, the Forex network for signal copying: this time for March. Read more

Dunaevssk: ZuluTrade's 8th Most Capitalized Forex Trader

Feb 10 2014 09:14:15 in Signals

Today we'll be reviewing Dunaevssk, currently the eighth most capitalized signal provider on social Forex trading platform ZuluTrade. Read more

Russia's New Best Forex Trader on ZuluTrade: DataForex Pro

Feb 05 2014 09:17:01 in Signals

Do you know from whom we haven't heard for quite some time? From the Russian traders on social Forex platform ZuluTrade. They used to be amid the leaders in terms of capitalization and popularity on the network but are now having harder times. Read more

GBP-Turn Joins 10 Richest FX Traders on ZuluTrade

Feb 04 2014 11:27:09 in Signals

Today we'll be reviewing GBP-Turn, a signal provider from China who has recently managed to get in the top 10 most capitalized traders on social trading platform ZuluTrade. This SP currently ranks 8th in terms of capitalization and 4th in terms of number of followers, which is pretty impressive. Read more

ZuluTrade's 7th Richest Signal Provider: Spain's ejirixiantup

Jan 23 2014 14:34:49 in Signals

The subject of today's review is ejirixiantup, and, yes, we know that the name is a bit hard to read. However, the signal provider hiding behind this complicated name has already managed to take the 7th place in ZuluTrade's ladder of most capitalized traders. Read more

ZuluTrade's 6th Most Capitalized Forex Trader: Ariva 1

Dec 05 2013 14:07:39 in Signals

Today we'll be setting our sight on Ariva 1, a signal provider who has been steadily clawing his way to the top ranks of ZuluTrade, the place to enjoy social Forex trading. Read more

The Third Richest Trader from Canada on ZuluTrade: Yoyo_FxFreedom_002

Nov 12 2013 11:05:28 in Signals

Today we'll be exploring Yoyo_FxFreedom_002, one of the best signal providers from Canada on social trading platform ZuluTrade. Read more

ZuluTrade's 5 Most Capitalized Forex Traders: September Ranking

Sep 25 2013 11:39:28 in Signals

As the end of September comes closer, we set to explore the top five signal providers in terms of capitalization on ZuluTrade, the social Forex trading platform. Read more

Possible Reasons for the Surge in Gain Capital's Share Price

Sep 09 2013 06:30:20 in Brokers

In case you have not been on a vacation last week, you've perhaps noticed the jump in the share price of Gain Capital, the company that owns the FX brokerage Read more

Forex 101: A Brief Manual for Newbies

Mar 15 2013 11:43:51 in Signals

If you're just starting with forex trading, you're probably finding most aspects of this occupation wildly confusing. There are so many questions that start-up traders have and yet no one out there is willing to provide definitive answers. Read more

Research: Global Factors to Support Capital Inflows Into India in Near Term

Jan 08 2013 13:31:03 in Market

Quotes from Barclays Capital: -We expect global factors to support capital inflows into India in near term. The recent fiscal-cliff resolution brings forward the possibility of INR appreciation that we previously expected to occur in Q2. Read more

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