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Alpari Frees Deposits from Commissions in January

Jan 07 2014 11:55:24 in Brokers

Alpari Limited, the Russian Forex broker operating under the global Alpari brand, has started the new year with a promotion for its most generous clients. Read more

ActivTrades Launches Rewards Programme for Loyal Clients

Apr 30 2013 14:06:29 in Brokers

Ever felt like the relationship you have with your dealer is a bit one-sided? Yes, you pay the required spreads and in turn receive trade execution but it'd be nice if once in a while, clients get rewarded for their loyalty. Read more

Win a Brand New Porsche Cayman with InstaForex

Feb 18 2013 15:39:07 in Brokers

Does your old ride feel a little bumpy on the road? Even if it doesn't, I'm sure you wouldn't mind seating yourself in a leather-saloon Porsche Cayman for a change. Read more

Merkel Stands by Her Support for Sarkozy's Campaign

Feb 06 2012 20:31:04 in Market

News German's Merkel stood by her words to support Nicolas Sarkozy's re-election campaign She flanked France President's two TV appearances and insisted that natural to support a fellow conservative Merkel's party said last month that she would "actively support" Sarkozy by making joint appear... Read more

Ireland Debt Reduction Campaign Grabs Attention - C Bank

Jan 31 2012 19:31:03 in Market

News Ireland's bank-related debt reduction campaign to improve the terms of its EU/IMF bailout is receiving close attention -Honohan The govt is in negotiations with European partners over improving the terms of its 63 billion euro bank rescue package Earlier in last week ,Irish Finance Minist... Read more

Speaker Boehner – Obama "given up on Country to Campaign

Oct 06 2011 16:09:02 in Market

News: U.S House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner accused President Obama of focusing on his re-election rather than boosting the economy .Quotes "Mr. Read more

Poland C Banker : Will Not take Part in Election Campaign

Sep 07 2011 15:11:02 in Market

News: Poland C banker said she would not take part in elcetion capmaign Earlier Gilowska endorsed opposition party leader, which trigrred public debate  Predident's office official  Komorowski said she will be dismissed if her engagement in campaign is a violation of law The materi... Read more

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