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UK Output Price Inflation Eases To 14-Month Low

Feb 10 2012 10:01:13 in Market

The UK's output price inflation eased in January to the lowest level since November 2010, the Office for National Statistics said Friday. Output prices for home sales of manufactured products rose 4.1 percent year-on-year in January, compared to a rise of 4.8 percent in the previous month. Read more

Uk Osborne: Boe's Qe Support Is Important to Economy

Feb 09 2012 13:31:11 in Market

News BoE QE support played a key role in supporting the economy at a time of fiscal consolidation after 50 bln pound expansion - Osborne Quotes  "Monetary policy continues to have a critical role in supporting the economy as the government delivers on its commitment to fiscal consolidation a... Read more

Sterling Rises to Session High Against Usd After Uk Data

Feb 09 2012 10:31:19 in Market

News GBP rose to session high against USD buoyed by better-than-expected UK industrial data and a lower-than-forecast trade deficit GBP was up to $1.5858 after the data from around $1.5840, and was up at 83.83 pence against the euro from around 83. Read more

UK Dec. Trade Deficit Lowest Since April 2003

Feb 09 2012 10:01:03 in Market

The UK's trade gap narrowed more than expected in December to reach the smallest deficit since April 2003, data from the Office for National Statistics showed Thursday. The deficit on seasonally adjusted trade in goods and services was GBP 1. Read more

Research: a Strong Gbp Threatens Rebalancing of Uk Economy Towards Exports

Feb 08 2012 13:31:04 in Market

Quotes from RBS: -A strong GBP threatens the rebalancing of the economy towards exports that is key to offsetting the government deficit reduction plans, and preventing weakening growth that could threaten the UK's AAA sovereign rating at some point. Be prepared for a squeeze higher in EUR/GBP. Read more

UK Shop-Price Inflation Near 2-Year Low, BRC Says

Feb 08 2012 03:01:13 in Market

Shop price inflation in the United Kingdom eased to its weakest in nearly two years in January as retailers held down prices to boost sales, data from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) showed Wednesday. The rate of inflation fell to 1.4 percent in January, the lowest since March 2010, from 1. Read more

Uk Brc Shop Price Inflation Comes down Sharply at 1.4 Pct

Feb 08 2012 01:31:07 in Market

News  UK BRC shop price inflation came down sharply at 1.4 pct in January V/S 1.7 pct last month Food inflation was 3.7 pct while non-food inflation was 0.0 pct in January V/S 4.2 pct & 0. Read more

Uk Jobs Scenario Improves in January at 51.2 - Rec

Feb 08 2012 01:31:04 in Market

News The Recruitment and Employment Confederation said their monthly index of permanent staff placements rose to 51.2 from 48.5, the first reading above 48. Read more

UK Inflation Gauge Declines In January - BRC

Feb 08 2012 00:31:08 in Market

Overall shop price inflation in the United Kingdom declined in January to 1.4 percent from 1.7 percent in December, the British Retail Consortium said Wednesday. BRC said food inflation declined in January to 3.7 percent from 4.2 percent in December. Non-food inflation fell to zero from 0. Read more

UK Retail Sales Suffer Second Worst January Since 1995: BRC Says

Feb 07 2012 03:01:17 in Market

Retailers in the UK faced their second-worst January since the survey began in 1995 as consumers concentrated more on paying off debt and savings after raising their spending somewhat at the time of heavy discounting during Christmas. Read more

Uk Retailers Witnesses 2nd Worst January on Record As Shoppers Back to Recession Mode

Feb 07 2012 01:31:04 in Market

News UK Consumer switched back to recession mode after opening their wallet in December,  BRC retails sales data revealed BRC like for like sales were down by 0.3 pct after rising 2.2 pct in December The total sales value was 2.1 pct higher in January than 4. Read more

UK Retail Sales Slow In January - BRC

Feb 07 2012 00:31:07 in Market

Retail sales in the United Kingdom decreased in January by 0.3 percent on a like-for-like basis from one year prior, the British Retail Consortium reported Tuesday. The BRC-KPMG Retail Sales Monitor reported total sales were up 2.1 percent on year. Read more

Improving Consumer Spending May Avert UK Recession: IHS Global Insight

Feb 06 2012 14:31:03 in Market

The squeeze on consumer spending in the United Kingdom is likely to ease further in early months of 2012, as the latest car sales figures signaled, and help the economy recover from fourth quarter's contraction and avoid a recession, Howard Archer, chief European and UK economist at IHS Global I... Read more

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