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Uk Not to rise Fuel Duty This Aug, Freeze It Till 2013

Jun 26 2012 15:31:02 in Market

UK'sOsbornesaid he would freeze a planned rise in fuel duty this year to help reduce costs for businesses and families. The move follows campaigns by transport lobby groups and pressure from the opposition Labour party to scrap the rise. Read more

Research: Uk Economy can Ill Afford a Tightening of Monetary Conditions at the Current Time

Jun 26 2012 10:31:04 in Market

Quotes from RBS: -The outlook for the UK has changed little. Domestic demand remains weak and the international picture looks increasingly fragile. Read more

Uk Public Borrowing Unexpectedly Rises in may As Income Tax Declines

Jun 26 2012 09:31:03 in Market

UK public sector net borrowing excluding public sector interventions stood at 17.943 billion pounds in May up from 15.195 billion last May. ONS revised up borrowing in 2011/12 to 127.6 billion pounds from 124.4 billion pounds. Read more

Uk Inflation Expectations Lowest Since Apr 2010 in June from may - Citi/yougov

Jun 25 2012 12:01:11 in Market

UK inflation expectations for year ahead fall to 2.4 pct in June from 2.8 pct in may - Citi/YouGov The inflation expectations for the next five to 10 years dropped to 3.2 pct in June from 3.4 pct in May. The survey was carried out between June 20 and 22, with a sample size of 2,504 people. Read more

UK Household Finance Outlook Least Pessimistic Since Apr 2010: Markit

Jun 25 2012 05:31:02 in Market

Expectations about the financial health of British households in June was the least downbeat since April 2010, a survey by Markit Economics showed Monday. The household finance index rose to 37 in June from 36.6 in May. Read more

Research: Further Qe in the Uk Is at Worst Neutral for Gbp

Jun 22 2012 10:01:04 in Market

Quotes from RBC Capital Markets: -After this week's MPC minutes and FOMC, further QE is fully in the price in the UK, but still 50/50 in the US. -Going forward, further QE in the UK is at worst neutral for GBP and the overall stance of policy will likely be positive. Read more

UK House Price Sentiment Remains Weak: Markit

Jun 22 2012 06:31:04 in Market

British households continued to remain downbeat about their property prices in June, data from a survey by Knight Frank and Markit Economics showed Friday. The house price sentiment index remained unchanged at 46. Read more

UK Manufacturers' Order Book Balance Rises: CBI

Jun 21 2012 11:31:03 in Market

U.K. manufacturers' order book balance increased from the previous month in June, contrary to economists' forecast for a decline, the latest monthly Industrial Trends Survey by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) showed Thursday. Read more

Uk Factory Orders rise Unexpectedly in June - Cbi

Jun 21 2012 11:01:03 in Market

UK factory orders rose to -11 in June from -17 of May, beating expectations for a fall of -20 The export order book balance improved to -4 from -12. CBI said he consumer goods sector total order books were the strongest since last August. Read more

Uk Likely to Face Spending Cuts until 2020-Top Official

Jun 21 2012 10:01:12 in Market

Britain is only one quarter of the way through its plan to reduce the budget deficit and spending cuts may have to continue until 2020, Cabinet Secretary Jeremy Heywood to media He also said that spending cuts could run for "seven, eight, maybe 10 years" from the time the coalition Govt... Read more

Uk Retail Sales Rises in may As Shoppers Splashes Out on Clothes and Shoes

Jun 21 2012 09:31:02 in Market

UK retail sales volumes rose 1.4 pct m/m and 2.4 pct y/y in May, rises above the estimates May sales was driven by a 3.4 pct monthly rise in sales of clothes and footwear , ONS survey The annual rise in retail prices measured by the implied deflator eased to 0. Read more

Uk Dmo Chief - more Qe Unlikely to Hurt Uk Bond Market

Jun 20 2012 12:31:22 in Market

UK DMO'S Stheeman said more QE is unlikely to impact smooth functioning of gilt market He told Reuters in an interview that disorderly outcome in theEZ, could have knock-on consequences for primary dealers in gilts He added that at the moment market continues to grow and sees no signs about th... Read more

Research: Persistent Weakness of Uk Economy and renewed Tensions in Euroarea Pointing to An Increase in Asset Purchases by

Jun 20 2012 12:01:04 in Market

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research: -The persistent weakness of the UK economy and the renewed tensions in the euro area are all pointing to an increase in asset purchases next month. Read more

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