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Spain Residential Property Transfers Decline In July

Sep 11 2012 12:01:02 in Market

Registered merchanding of residential properties in Spain decreased 2.5 percent on an annual basis in July, data released by statistical office INE showed Tuesday. Transfers of both free dwellings as well as protected housing decreased by 2.5 percent each compared to last year. Read more

Spain to Analyze Conditions of ECB Program Before Taking Decision on Aid Request - Deputy Pm

Sep 07 2012 14:31:02 in Market

Spain Deputy PM said Spain will analyze the conditions and modalities of the ECB's bond-buying program carefully before taking a decision on an aid request She added that questions over the possible bond-buying program for Spain would be discussed and looked at during a meeting of EZ and EU fin... Read more

Spain Industrial Output Contracts for 11th Straight Month in July, Declining 5.4 Pct Y/y

Sep 07 2012 08:01:08 in Market

Spain's calendar-adjusted industrial output decelerated 5.4 pct y/y in July, the 11th straight month of shrinking output. The output declined 6.1 pct in June, revised up from a previous reading of -6.3 pct.  The material has been provided by Instaforex Company - instaforex. Read more

Spain Borrowing Costs Fall On ECB Bond Purchase Hopes

Sep 06 2012 12:01:02 in Market

Spain's borrowing costs declined at the bond auction on Thursday as investors expect the European Central Bank to announce its strategy on bond purchase later today. The Spanish Treasury raised EUR 3.5 billion from the sale, meeting the upper end of the EUR 2.5 billion - EUR 3. Read more

Spain Sells Treasuries As intended With Sharply Lower Costs

Sep 06 2012 10:01:03 in Market

Spain's debt costs at auction dropped sharply from previous outings Spain sold 682 million euros of the bond maturing April 30, 2014, at an average yield of 2.798 percent, compared to a yield of 4.706 percent The bond maturing July 30, 2015, sold at an average yield of 3.676 percent, down from 5. Read more

Spain Service Sector contracted for 14th Month in Aug, Highest Since March -Pmi

Sep 05 2012 08:01:03 in Market

Spain's service sector PMI was at 44.0 in August, up from 43.7 the previous month and better than a dip to 43.3 estimates The new business index was 43.3, up from 40.8 in the previous month. Business expectations for the year ahead rose after contracting last month, a separate sub-index showed. Read more

Spain to Infuse 6 Bln Euro Into Frob Bank Fund - Source

Sep 04 2012 11:01:02 in Market

Spanish Treasury will inject 6 bln euros into the state's bank rescue fund to strengthen its firepower - economy ministry source The FROB fund will receive both state debt and cash, the source added The source also said the move should not impact Spain's liquidity position in a substantial way... Read more

Research: Public Debt Dynamics Show That Spain Seems Solvent

Sep 03 2012 11:31:07 in Market

Quotes from Barclays Capital: -Public debt dynamics show that Spain seems solvent, evenafter bank recapitalization cost. -Spain must achieve a fiscal swing of about 8% of GDP overfive years (ie, about 1. Read more

Spain Manufacturing Pmi at 44.0in August, Beats Estimates

Sep 03 2012 08:01:02 in Market

Spain's manufacturing sector PMI was 44.0 in Aug, up from 42.3 in July, beating estimates for a rise of 42.6 The new export order index was48.2 in August, up from 44.2 in July. Spain suffers the highest unemployment rate in the EU at just under 25pct. Read more

Spain Plans Further Salary Cuts for rescued Banks - Econ Min

Aug 31 2012 13:31:03 in Market

Spanish Govt plans to further slash salaries of executives at banks that have received financial aid - minister Guindossaid that for the time being there was no need to ask for accelerated aid for any Spanish banks. The material has been provided by Instaforex Company - instaforex. Read more

Spain Hope Not to Hike Taxes in 2013 Budget - Pm

Aug 30 2012 15:01:06 in Market

Spain will try to avoid tax hikes in next year's budget -Mariano Rajoy "I'm telling you now that in the next budget I will not raise either personal income tax or value-added tax. We will try to draw up a budget that allows us to meet our obligations ... Read more

Spain Inflation Accelerates In August

Aug 30 2012 08:01:03 in Market

Spain's harmonized inflation accelerated more than expected on higher fuel costs in August, flash estimate from the statistical office Ine showed Thursday. Inflation, as measured by the harmonized index of consumer prices or HICP, rose to 2.7 percent in August from 2.2 percent a month ago. Read more

Spain Flash Inflation Surges by 2.7 Pct on Fuel Prices in Aug- Ine

Aug 30 2012 08:01:03 in Market

Spanish EU-harmonized CPI rose by 2.7 pct y/y in Aug on higher fuel prices. The figure compared with a consensus forecast and previous reading of 2.2 pct. Spain's national CPI rose by 2.7 pct y/y in Aug up from 2.2 pct in July. The material has been provided by Instaforex Company - instaforex. Read more

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