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Spain Raises Maximum Amount At Bond Auction, Yields Fall

Mar 01 2012 11:01:06 in Market

Spain raised the maximum amount it targeted at a bond auction on Thursday that saw the country's borrowing costs decline a day after the European Central Bank made a record injection into banks to avoid a credit crunch. The Spanish Treasury sold EUR 4. Read more

Spain Sells 4.5 Bln Euros of Bonds, Yields Slips

Mar 01 2012 10:31:06 in Market

News Spain sold 4.5 bln euros of three shorter-dated bonds at the top end of its target range. The yields fell after three-year cheap liquidity from the ECB on Wednesday The Treasury sold 1.06 bln euros of bonds maturing in April 30, 2014 with a 3.4 pct coupon, 1. Read more

Research: Spain Needs to Reduce Its Unit Labor Costs by Some 30% to be Competitive

Feb 29 2012 14:31:50 in Market

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research: -The main data basis for the discussion about competitiveness imbalances across the euro area is unit labor costs (ULC), i.e. the cost of labor per unit of output. Read more

Spain Feb. Inflation Slows To 1.9%

Feb 29 2012 08:31:04 in Market

Spain's EU measure of inflation eased to 1.9 percent annually in February from 2 percent in January, flash estimates from the statistical office INE showed Wednesday. At the same time, consumer price inflation remained unchanged at 2 percent. Read more

Spain Flash harmonized Cpi up by 1.9 Pct Y/y in Feb -Ine

Feb 29 2012 08:31:04 in Market

News Spanish EU-harmonized consumer prices rose by 1.9 pct y/y in Feb, in line with the forecast of 1.9 pct and against the Jan reading of 2.0 pct Spain's national consumer price index rose 2.0 pct y/y in Feb unchanged from 2. Read more

Spain Public Deficit at 8.51 Pct of Gdp in 2011 : Montoro

Feb 27 2012 18:31:03 in Market

 News Spain Finance Minister Cristobal Montoro said that Spain's public deficit in 2011 was equivalent to 8.51 pct of GDP The Govt's official target for 2012 is to cut the deficit to 4.4 pct of GDP The material has been provided by Instaforex Company - instaforex. Read more

Research: Italy, Spain and France Were the Main Borrowers from ECB in December

Feb 24 2012 13:31:03 in Market

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research: -The first ECB 3Y LTRO (LTRO1 - 22 December 2011) was a success: 523 European banks participated and borrowed a total of EUR489bn. Read more

Spain Producer Price Inflation Slows More Than Expected

Feb 24 2012 08:31:02 in Market

Spanish producer price inflation slowed more than expected in January, the statistical office INE showed Friday. Producer price inflation eased to 3.6 percent in January from 5.2 percent in December, also came in weaker than the expected rate of 4.3 percent. Read more

Spain Yields Plummet, EFSF Bills Meet Strong Demand After Greek Bailout Deal

Feb 21 2012 13:31:05 in Market

Spain saw its borrowing costs decline significantly on Tuesday in the first debt auction held by a Eurozone country after leaders agreed a deal for a second bailout for Greece. The Eurozone bailout fund also held a successful auction during the day, with strong demand for the debt. Read more

Research: Spain Facing a Tough Challenge to Put the Economy Back on Track

Feb 20 2012 10:31:18 in Market

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research: -With a newly elected government, Spain is facing a tough challenge to put the economy back on track. -The contrast within the eurozone is striking, with Germany at historical low levels and Spain at alltime highs. Read more

Spain Leading Index Rises For First Time In 11 Months: Conference Board

Feb 17 2012 09:31:04 in Market

Spain's leading economic indicator increased for the first time since January 2011, data from a survey by Conference Board showed Friday. The leading economic index rose to 104.8 in December from 104.5 in November, marking the first improvement in almost one year. Read more

Spain January Inflation Confirmed At 2%

Feb 15 2012 09:01:10 in Market

Spain's EU measure of inflation eased as estimated earlier, final data released by statistical office Ine showed Wednesday. The harmonized index of consumer prices (HICP) increased 2 percent annually, in line with the preliminary estimates. In December, the HICP rose 2.4 percent. Read more

Spain Final Cpi up 2 Pct Y/y in Jan - Ine

Feb 15 2012 08:31:08 in Market

News Spain national consumer prices rose 2 pct y/y in Jan, down from 2.4 pct in Dec, but in line with market expectation. Spanish EU-harmonized prices rose 2.0 pct y/y in Jan from 2.4 pct in Dec and also in line with forecasts. Core inflation was down at 1.3 pct y/y in Jan from 1. Read more

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