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Spain House Prices Lowest Since Q1 2007

Mar 15 2012 14:01:12 in Market

Spain's house prices decreased at a faster pace in the fourth quarter to its lowest level since the first quarter of 2007, data from the statistical office INE showed Thursday. The house price index declined 11.2 percent annually in the fourth quarter, after falling 7. Read more

France, Spain Borrowing Cost Declines

Mar 15 2012 13:01:19 in Market

France successfully met the maximum limit on its bond auction on Thursday, while the Spanish bond issue raised less than its maximum target. Borrowing costs of both France and Spain decreased on cheap liquidity provided by the European Central Bank. The French government raised EUR 8. Read more

Spain held to Tougher Fiscal Goals, But Given Leeway

Mar 13 2012 17:31:08 in Market

News: Europe keeps new budget credentials the same It has been indicated to investors that Spain will not follow Greece into financial collapse  PM Mariano Rajoy has a less stricter 2012 deficit goal following his announcement that Spain would miss the last target upset the EC "Rajoy comes b... Read more

Spain Cpi up 2 Pct in Feb, unchanged from Jan

Mar 13 2012 08:31:04 in Market

News Spain CPI up 2 pct y/y in Feb at same levels of Jan and is in line with market expectations Country's HICP rose 1.9 pct from a year earlier, down slightly from 2.0 pct in Jan, but in line with forecast.  Core inflation was down slightly at 1.2 pct year on year, compared to of 1. Read more

Eurogroup Endorses Greek Bailout; Says Spain Needs Larger Deficit Cut

Mar 13 2012 04:31:09 in Market

Eurozone finance ministers late Monday gave their final nod to a second bailout package for Greece after the country completed a debt swap deal with its private creditors last week. Read more

Spain Plans to Cut Health, Education Costs in Autonomous Regions

Mar 12 2012 17:31:08 in Market

News Spain's new centre right Govt look forward to cut heath and education cost in the country's autonomous regions to meet its tough austerity measures So far, PM Mariano Rajoy has announced a 40 pct reduction in infrastructure and other investment And also a 12 pct cut in spending at central... Read more

Ez Ministers to Approve Second Bailout for Greece, Shift Focus Over Spain

Mar 12 2012 16:31:03 in Market

News Euro Zone ministers will approve second Greek bailout and shift their focus to interrogate Spain on bid to soften deficit target Greece executed its swap deal with private creditors, slashing more than 100 billion euros from its debt. Read more

Spain Property Transactions Decline In January

Mar 12 2012 09:01:04 in Market

Spain's merchantings of dwellings declined 26.3 percent in January from the prior year, the statistical office INE said Monday. About 86.2 percent of the registered merchantings corresponded to urban properties and 13.8 percent to rustic properties. Read more

Spain to Base Its 2012 Budget on Deficit Target of 5.8 Pct - Rajoy

Mar 02 2012 13:31:09 in Market

News Spain PM Rajoy on Friday said that his govt will base 2012 budget on a deficit target of 5.8 pct of GDP He added that target of 5.8 pct was reasonable and that he saw it as being within EU guidelines Quotes "This year the effort to reduce the structural deficit will be 3. Read more

Spain Expects Economy to Contract by 1.7 Pct in 2012 - Deputy Pm

Mar 02 2012 13:31:08 in Market

News Spain's Deputy PM said economy will contract by 1.7 pct this year on govt's drastic austerity measures The expectation is in line with IMF outlook for Spain's economy this year and was less optimistic than the outlooks from European commission and country's cbank. Read more

Spain Unemployment Continues To Rise

Mar 02 2012 09:01:13 in Market

Spain's unemployment increased further in February, data released by the Labor Ministry showed Friday. The unemployment increased by 112,269 or 2.44 percent in February from the prior month. The registered unemployment totaled 4.71 million. Read more

Spain Car Registrations Drops by 2.1 Pct Y/y in Feb

Mar 01 2012 11:31:09 in Market

News Spain car registrations fell by 2.1 pct y/y in Feb ,car manufacturers' association ANFAC said Spain sold 64,732 cars in Feb, 2012 Spain sold 119,695 cars in the first 2 months of 2012 down 0.1 pct y/y The material has been provided by Instaforex Company - instaforex. Read more

Spain Raises Maximum Amount At Bond Auction, Yields Fall

Mar 01 2012 11:01:06 in Market

Spain raised the maximum amount it targeted at a bond auction on Thursday that saw the country's borrowing costs decline a day after the European Central Bank made a record injection into banks to avoid a credit crunch. The Spanish Treasury sold EUR 4. Read more

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